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The Republican Class War

"The Republican Class War" / "In 2016, will conservatives finally face the realities of inequality?", Web Link

Interesting piece from The New Yorker. It is a long one, but worth it. Here's the start: "One recent morning at the Jefferson Hotel, in Washington, D.C., Peter Wehner, a conservative writer who served as an adviser for the past three Republican Presidents, described his party’s problems over a bowl of oatmeal. He said, “We got clobbered in 2012”—the fifth Presidential election out of the past six in which the Republican candidate lost the popular vote. “There’s a demographic problem. White votes are going down two points every year. We’re out of touch with the middle class.” Mitt Romney—whose very hair embodies wealthy privilege—was nominated at a national convention, in Tampa, that became an Ayn Rand-style celebration of business executives, the heroic “makers.” During the campaign, Romney wrote off forty-seven per cent of the country—the “takers”—as government parasites. He went on to lose badly to President Barack Obama, whom Republicans had regarded as an obvious failure, a target as vulnerable as Jimmy Carter. In the shock of that defeat, Wehner said, some conservatives realized that “there was a need for a policy agenda that reaches the middle class.” He added, “This was not a blinding insight.”

"A generation ago, Democrats lost five of six Presidential elections; in 1992, Bill Clinton, calling himself a New Democrat, ended the streak. Clinton didn’t repudiate the whole Democratic platform—government activism on behalf of ordinary Americans remained the Party’s core idea—but he adopted positions on issues like crime and welfare that were more closely aligned with the views of the majority, including some rank-and-file Democrats. The message, Wehner said, was as much symbolic as substantive: “ ‘We’re not a radical party; we’ve sanded off our rougher edges, and you can trust me.’ ” He went on, “The hope for some of us was that our candidate in 2016 would be the Republican version of Clinton”—a conservative reformer who, having learned from past defeats, championed economic policies that placed Republicans on the side of the hard-pressed, including non-white Americans, the soon-to-be majority."

Piece after piece shows, in one way or another, how the GOP is completely out of touch. Sometimes in has to wonder what it will take to get the GOP to clean house, adjust to the appropriate attitude and be constructive participants in our society. Maybe the GOP leadership needs to get hit in the head with a hammer.

Where's Carson when he's needed?


There is a very fundamental issue with regards to self-reliance.

Democrats lean towards subsidizing people.

Republicans want to support corporations to the point that they have asserted corporations ARE people!

Should a company be subsidized or should it suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous Capitalism and, potentially, fail?

Should we let poor people squander and, eventually, die, for their inability to succeed?

We spend 50% more on subsidies to corporations than we spend on actual people.

We spend something like $100B on corporate subsidies pr year versus $50B per year on subsidies for the poor.

Lets talk about that.

George, the GOP leadership IS being hit in the head with a hammer. Or haven't you seen the dazed expressions on the faces of John Beohner, Jeb Bush and John Kasich?

This article, although on the liberal Salon website, looks at the Trump/Carson phenomenon from the perspective of the Republican establishment... and the conservative voters who now despite it.

Web Link

Fascinating phenomenon. On the one hand, it pretty much guarantees the Democrats a presidential election romp, because only about a third of Americans feel the way these voters do. But on the other hand, it seems to offer no hope at all that Washington will ever become functional again, because when a third of the voters -- and the people they send to DC -- simply do not WANT it to function, that's an unbreachable barrier.

The Tea Partiers are right that the country is headed for Banana Republic status. But they have the reason exactly backward.

Yeah, those evil Tea Partiers! Why don't they just go along with Obama and the Democrats in trampling the US Constitution? Why don't they just go along with Obama and the Democrats to continue rampant deficit spending that has more than doubled since Obama took office? Why don't they just go along with the crony capitalists that want to export STEM jobs or import workers to take jobs from Americans? Why don't they just go along with the climate change hoax to enrich a few cronies at the expense of everyone else? Who cares whether it is feasible to regulate climate? Why don't they just go along with Obama, the Democrats and the establishment Republicans using the IRS to silence them? Why don't they just believe Obama when he says if they like their doctor, they can keep their doctor?

Those nasty Tea Partiers. They're standing in the way of what all Americans want. Aren't they?

The DNC strategy of inducing a tidal wave of dependent citizens who keep voting themselves handouts through elected Democrats has paid off handsomely. The Chappaquiddick swimmer Ted Kennedy should be hailed by all socialists as their visionary hero.

I'm hearing crickets from the illogical strawman crowd. Maybe they're consulting their writers.

The writers are probably working on the next minority target now.

Time to start pounding on the Hispanics. Then the female, and then the east Indian if he's still hanging in. Can't have all these minority candidates continuing to make the All Old and White Dems look bad.

They're saving any dirt on Trump for last.

Hey, uffish, great Chappaquiddick reference. Reaching back almost 50 years to be topical?

Can't wait for your ripped-from-the-headlines references to Ralph Bunche, Cesar Chavez and Abbie Hoffman.


"Time to start pounding on the Hispanics. Then the female, and then the east Indian if he's still hanging in." "Time to start ..."? Those poor folks have been getting their asses kicked for years by the GOP, and now you want the democrats to what, pile on?

No thank you. Your group has done and continues to do enough damage to the lives of the needy. The democrats will continue to do their best to fix your messes - although it sure seems like a very full time job, with tons of overtime.

We're still years away from tidying up the Bush era, so if you could keep the GOP whiners and shakers under some sort of control until there's time to deal with that mess, it would be greatly appreciated.

Didn't you even bother to read the linked piece that initiated this thread, uff? I know it's a long one, but it might serve you well to at least try to read it before trying to change the topic.

Someone might notice that you've missed the mark.

Btw, that's goes double for francis, but he never reads anything anyway; too much trouble, plus he might run across even more facts that oppose his consistently twisted opinions.

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