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Excuse this 76 year old but i thought i read in the HMB Review that flu shots were to be given out in the community center between 8:30am & 10:3oam today Saturday the 7th when we got there @ 10:15 the place was empty not a soul in the center.

What did i do wrong [again]?


Hi Savino,

From the county website a free flu clinic was scheduled 8:30-10:30 at 925 Main Street (Coastside Senior Housing).

If there was a problem or you still need your flu shot contact the county at 650-573-3927.

County flu vaccine clinic info: (English) Web Link

(EspaƱol) Web Link

County flu info: Web Link

Flu shots save thousands of lives every year, especially the very young and seniors. Good for you for being proactive! Our family happily received our flu shots just a few short weeks ago from Kaiser. Fast, easy, and even my toddlers hardly felt it.

Got mine a few weeks ago at RiteAid. I Hate needles, but for the third year in a row the pharmacist did a great job. Didn't feel a thing ... until later that night and the next day ... some stiffness.

It's all easily worth it if I don't get the flu this winter.

PS: as a side note, RiteAid was bought out by Walgreens, so expect a change in the future. I never thought I'd see a Walgreens in HMB. Shows what I know, huh?

Good Luck with that shot, Savino.

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