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Politico Admits Fabricating Lies about Ben Carson

Admits through their backpedalling. The media is reeling as yet more "journalists" like Politico and the debate moderators are being outed and ridiculed for the partisan hit men they really are.

Web Link..... It must be bad when even CNN slams Politico as liars. Ouch.

Dry humor: Web Link .... "Politico‘s Kyle Cheney admitted that he fabricated a negative story about Ben Carson."

"In a story published early on Friday, Politico’s Kyle Cheney authored a piece headlined “Ben Carson admits fabricating West Point scholarship."

But after the damage was done - and because Politico caught more flak than expected - they corrected it to the truth: “Exclusive: Carson claimed West Point ‘scholarship’ but never applied.”

I.e. what Carson said all along.

Web Link ..... Politico failing to save face while eating crow


^^^But after the damage was done - and because Politico caught more flak than expected - they corrected it to the truth: “Exclusive: Carson claimed West Point ‘scholarship’ but never applied.” ^^^

They never noted that their story and headline changed once challenged by the Carson campaign. Other media outlets ran with the initial story, which they never bothered correcting once Politico's deception was revealed.

The "reporter" is a couple of years out of college. How does someone like that keep their job?

Ben Carson has George Muteff to thank in part for this:

Web Link

“We the People have made 10,000 donations each day this week, raising $3.5M this week alone. Thank you biased media,” Carson tweeted Saturday.

Heal. Inspire. Revive.


LOL. Look at the squirming.

Statement from Carson campaign admits that he never applied to West Point.

Web Link

Carson's West Point story is the the latest episode in a string of seemingly shifting inspirational stories Carson often tells about his personal life.

CNN recently raised questions about what Carson claimed as a violent past. It interviewed nine of Carson's childhood neighbors and friends, who had no recollection of the angry man Carson often describes himself as on the campaign trail.

We know he never applied to West Point because he didn't want to go there. So where's the story?

Where's the story if kids didn't consider him angry from 50 years go ?? There's none. It's a dead end too. Sorry.

Mother weighs in on Ben...

Web Link

Front runners get scrutiny like no others. It's a great part of the process, don't you agree?

The author of this thread is providing us a good example of folks seeing what they want to see, regardless of the facts. In fact, the more proof provided, the more folks like this dig in.

Remarkable, really.

Here's another story, not that it will make any difference to those swimming in the shallow end of the pool: "Carson’s Westmoreland story doesn’t match records", Web Link We're all sure it's just another misunderstanding that will be cleared up shortly, but imagine that - the facts don't seem to match Carson's claim - once again. Interesting how Westmorland wasn't even anywhere in the entire City of Detroit before, during or after 'the good doctor' marched in his parade, yet Carson says they broke bread together. Neat trick; I wish I could do that.

From this piece; "Carlisle, Pa. — Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s published account of having dinner with a top commander in the Vietnam War after marching in a Memorial Day parade in 1969 as a high school ROTC cadet in Detroit does not match historical records."

"In Carson’s 1990 best-selling autobiography, “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story,” the neurosurgeon tells of being offered a scholarship to West Point as a high school senior sometime after having dinner with the U.S. Army’s chief of staff, Gen. William Westmoreland, on Memorial Day 1969."

"But Westmoreland’s personal schedule shows the general was not in Detroit on Memorial Day or during the days preceding and following the holiday. His schedule says he was in and around Washington, D.C., that weekend, according to Army archives The Detroit News reviewed Friday."

We're sure there's a(nother) good explanation. It'll come along shortly.

^^^ Where's the story if kids didn't consider him angry from 50 years go ?? There's none. It's a dead end too. Sorry. ^^^

Some people are easily (and reliably) fooled:

Web Link

Some of those fools don't realize (or care) that the mainstream media is an echo chamber that repeats shoddy stories:

Soon after the CNN nonsensical scoop, Politico lobbed another nerf ball over the plate. Started by two former Washington Post reporters Politico has a small newspaper circulation but a wide reach. “Politico is a partner with several news outlets that co-report and distribute its video, print and audio content. Partners include CBS News, Allbritton Communications's ABC station WJLA and cable channel NewsChannel 8, radio station WTOP-FM, and Yahoo! News election coverage.”

They asserted disingenuously that Carson’s autobiography falsely claimed he’d been admitted to West Point on a scholarship and turned it down. Even some conservative pundits fell for this untruth.

And all breathlessly repeated by one jerk on this forum as though they were independently produced articles.

But behind every cloud is a silver lining:

Web Link

He can thank George for a portion of those donations. What a guy!

There's also s bit of humor, as noted in the Feldman article. From Charles Glasser:

“I've been very busy today and not had much time to look at the news, but it appears that Ben Carson lied about giving a haircut to a dog he tied to the roof of his car and then ate whilst under sniper fire. And he never had sexual relations with "that" dog. (*thumb pointing gesture*)

Do I have that right?’

Yes, you do. And now that it's on the internet, George Muteff can spread the word with alacrity in his bloviating and well-chuffed manner.

Heal. Inspire. Revive.

What if The Rapture Ben believes so deeply in happens before next November? I don't know about you guys, but I want a candidate who's going to stick around to do their duty.

I don't recall little Georgie getting this vexed about Obama's "Born in Kenya" biography:

Web Link


Some denials were made, but the proclamation kept reappearing:

Web Link

Oops again!

Can't wait to hear what the TA babblemouth says about that!

I already know. He'll ignore it, just like other facts that don't comport to his preconceived notions. That's what the repugnant Left does.

Before someone's bio is published as for the Harvard Review, the person has already submitted that info himself. Obama's "Kenya" birth was not made up by the publisher -- how the hell would she know? Obama would certainly have corrected any gross errors for the next publication... unless he calculated they worked in his favor (like when he applied as a foreign student).

So how can Ben Carson possibly even be in the same level of dishonesty as either Obama or Clinton, both of whom are pathological liars? Seriously...

Dang! ut's calling Hillary and Barack worse pathological liars than "Dr." Ben. Shocking.

Well, Uffish, if you're willing to take Uncle Ben at his word about his personal history, then why not believe Barry, too?

If Uncle Ben's level of untruths ever approaches that of Barack Obama's or Clinton's then I'll write him off too. So far he seems like a good man. A bit religious for my taste but an honorable guy.

Right now the issue is the uneven playing field.

^^^ Shocking. ^^^

Not really. We already know that Leftists don't care about the lies of those from their tribe, whereas they hold those from other tribes to a much higher standard. And they have no shame when their hypocrisy is noted. Ever.

Looks like CNN (and breathless George!) have some explaining to do. Seems that Carson's mother verified the stabbing story in 1997:

Web Link

Even BS knows the media scrutiny of Carson is BS:

Web Link

Not that it will stop the zombies from resurrecting the story despite it being thoroughly debunked.

Francis, thank you. I have always believed in the therapeutic benefits of laughter, and here I was feeling a little achy this morning, in need of some cheering up. And I thought, hey, maybe I'll drop in on Talkabout and find out if there are any fresh Gualala Giggles to enjoy.

And there were! After all these years, you took us back to the Wonderful World of Birtherism! I truly did not know that the Burfers were still thrashing around trying to get somebody to listen to them. Cracked me up beautifully. And of course right-wingers reminding us of their most massive and humiliating national political defeats, the presidential elections of 2008 and 2012, always bring a broad smile and a warm feeling.

I feel SO much better, thanks to your restorative posts. Starting the week with a big laugh and some great memories. Much appreciated.

And go get 'em Dr. Carson... all best wishes for securing the nomination. From my heart, I wish him every success.

More evidence of media mucking:

Web Link ..... "Republicans’ media bias claims boosted by scarcity of right-leaning journalists."

"A mere 7 percent of journalists identify as Republicans, and when they do give money to political campaigns they usually donate to Democrats, lending evidence to Republican presidential candidates’ claims that they are facing a hostile audience when they deal with the press."

Also, given a Washington Post subscription, voters were 8% more likely to vote Democrat than the control group.

Media mucking, right-wing style:

Web Link

^^^ And go get 'em Dr. Carson... all best wishes for securing the nomination. From my heart, I wish him every success. ^^^

Sounds like you think he might be willing to pardon your girl from prison once he becomes president.

IF media are being hard on republicans and easy on democrats, something needs fixed. They need to be harder on democrats. We don't need the media dumbed down and weakened to coddle non-electable candidates.

From my perspective, though, I don't see media taking it easier on democrats. It seems like hard questions are asked consistently of both sides. Mrs. Clinton got pummeled at the last debate... She just was able to respond thoughtfully and with a great deal of charisma (for better or worse).

Accusing the media of bias every time a difficult question comes up is a good short term strategy, but I don't think it's going to work for another 12 months. Crying foul when asked about business involvements, for example, undermines the authenticity of the whole strategy.

Hillary is probably sighing with relief that she isn't the target of the week. Remember Whitewater, the McDougals, Vince Foster, Joanne Broderick. It surprises me that anybody runs for office today. IMHO, the cub reporter at Politico should be fired.

There is a reason Trump has led the polls for so long; he says what many think and feel, even if it can be and sometimes is crass. But then, that's The Donald we all know and ..., well, ... like. The guy has a clear sense of what many Americans are thinking.

I post all that because of this: "In 4 back-to-back interviews, Donald Trump pointed to Ben Carson's 'pathological disease'", Web Link

From this piece: "In five separate Sunday interviews, real-estate mogul Donald Trump continued to stoke the controversy dogging his leading Republican presidential rival, Ben Carson." Wow; "five (5) separate Sunday interviews", huh? Must be important to Trump. This guy is like a pit bull when he gets on something, as we all know and have repeatedly seen.

More from the piece: "But Trump has homed in on the part of the book in which Carson wrote, "I had what I only can label a pathological temper — a disease — and this sickness controlled me, making me totally irrational." Carson said he later had an epiphany and became the famously soft-spoken man he is today."

"In four of his Sunday interviews, Trump said Carson probably couldn't be cured of that "pathological disease."

This is followed by quotes from the Sunday talk show circuit. Here's the first one, which is very similar to the rest: "He said he has 'pathological disease' in the book. When you have pathological disease, that's a very serious problem because that's not something that's cured. That's something that you have to live with. And that's a very serious thing to have to live with," Trump said on ABC's "This Week."

And we all thought the love was there. So much for Carson getting the VP nod if Trump prevails.

On the flip side, I'll bet good old Sarah is ecstatic now that her chances at a repeat, with a different partner, have just stepped up. Heck, we might even hear about her and her brood in another bar room brawl celebrating the news.

This is now on 2 Carson threads. The Donald's thoughts and comments are worth it.

"Sounds like you think he might be willing to pardon your girl from prison once he becomes president." Now we're talking! That is the best "rejoinder" Gualala has provided on this board to date. Had me in stitches; thanks francis - good one, much better than I know you are but what am I.

"IMHO, the cub reporter at Politico should be fired." "Fired"?!? "Fired"?!? We'll see, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see that reporter at another publication with a better title and making more money. Just look at all the talk s/he has initiated. Just think about all the sales this reporter has generated. There's an Editor out there somewhere that is seeing dollar signs and thinking of a way to get that flow in his/her direction.

And if I had a dollar for every time I've heard someone whining about the media I'd probably be on a beach somewhere with zero connectivity to the rest of the world. Damn press ... sounds like something that came out of either the halls of Congress or Germany back in the late 1930-s. Can't wait for the book burning classes to start.

Who do these terrible Republicans think they are, picking on poor Dr. Carson like this?

Web Link

Hillary? Prison? For what, pray tell?

Francis wouldn't have seen this because the right-wing websites he reads, won't post it, but it turns out the email "scandal" is about to join Whitewater, Vince Foster and the travel office thing as Scandals That Weren't.

Web Link

Something continues to stick in my craw. Maybe someone else can help sort it out.

Carson, who has written a book that, as I understand it, is now a best seller (funny how a Presidential campaign can help sell a book, huh? Worked for Gingrich and others and now is adding to Carson's wealth). In this book, he describes his youth, going from a violent troubled kid trying to kill someone to a Jesus freak that sat at the head of the Michigan ROTC table (would that be irony?) with a pocket protector and a soft speech.

Politico published a story about Carson's passage in his book and all Hell broke loose, initially over an alleged and politely refused "scholarship" to West Point during a meal with General Westmorland, supposedly on Memorial Day, 1969.

I was never in the ROTC, but that doesn't mean I don't know who Westmorland is; I most certainly do. His name was all over the place in DC (and across the country) during the Vietnam war. Everyone knew who he was - there was never, not once, any question as to who Westmorland is/was.

Well, it turns out Westmorland wasn't in Detroit on Memorial Day, 1969. In fact, he wasn't anywhere near Detroit in the days before, during or the days after that Memorial Day in 1969. He was where he should have been, in DC. That is what is sticking in my craw. I was never an ROTC guy, but you can bet your house that has I had dinner with Westmorland, I would be as certain as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west as to All the specific details of a meeting with the General. Count on it.

So how is it that Carson, a "troubled, angry and violent" kid who, after trying to kill someone, had an epiphany, radically changing him and his future - going from violence to pocket protector ROTC top of his State ... and his recollection of not only meeting, but having dinner with one of the world's most storied Generals (in the midst of the Vietnam war, mind you) and being 'offered' a West Point slot is so fuzzy?

The top of his State of Michigan in his ROTC class, and he can't remember the simple details, like the day? Really? Seems odd to me, but then Carson is a complex little critter, isn't he? I'm sure it is all just another misunderstanding.

In the unlikely event that anyone forgot or missed 'the good doctor's' book passage: “I felt so proud, my chest bursting with ribbons and braids of every kind. To make it more wonderful, we had important visitors that day. Two soldiers who had won the Congressional Medal of Honor in Viet Nam were present,” he wrote. “More exciting to me, General William Westmoreland (very prominent in the Viet Nam war) attended with an impressive entourage. Afterward, Sgt. Hunt” — his high school ROTC director — “introduced me to General Westmoreland, and I had dinner with him and the Congressional Medal winners. Later I was offered a full scholarship to West Point.”

“Dr. Carson was the top ROTC student in the City of Detroit,” campaign manager Barry Bennett wrote in an email to POLITICO. “In that role he was invited to meet General Westmoreland. He believes it was at a banquet. He can’t remember with specificity their brief conversation but it centered around Dr. Carson’s performance as ROTC City Executive Officer.”

“He was introduced to folks from West Point by his ROTC Supervisors,” Bennett went on.

"He can’t remember with specificity their brief conversation ..." "... can't remember ..."?

“They told him they could help him get an appointment based on his grades and performance in ROTC. He considered it but in the end did not seek admission.”

"He believes it was at a banquet", his campaign states. "Believes it was at a banquet"?

So, 'the good doctor' is introduced to General Westmorland during the height of the Vietnam war, is invited to sit at the table of Westmorland and two Congressional Medal of Honor winners for dinner, is 'offered a scholarship' to the most prestigious military college in the country (no offense Naval Academy) - and can't remember the date? Can't even get close?


It was about eight years ago that Barack Obama was persecuted for attending and befriending his pastor Jeremiah Johnson. All these presidential candidates get it from all sides.

Hey, Seal, that'd be Jeremiah Wright.

Jeremiah Johnson was the mountain man portrayed by Robert Redford. Great movie.

"All these presidential candidates get it from all sides." Yes, they do and they should. We want to know as much as we can about the person that occupies the Oval Office. Many believe that that individual is the most powerful person on the planet.

For those that might think not? Whoever holds that office also has the daily codes for nukes and the full authority to use them - aside from all the day to day decisions that effect millions for years.

I want my President vetted as completely as possible.

The problem, as I see it, isn't the vetting, the "get[ing] it from all sides". The problem is the continued self-inflicted wounds some cry about. Carson provides us with a stellar example of self-inflicted wounds, then has the audacity to cry foul and belittle the press.

I say Thank God for the press. Keep it up folks. Inform us on the details, the incidents, the data that we need to make an informed decision.

There are and will continue to be those that hate the press - particularly when the 'news' is about them or their intensions. Folks like Putin, Saddam, Carson, Kim Jong-un, Bashar al-Assad, Idi Amin, Noriega, Cruz, and so many others chastise the press at about every turn - damn liberal press; when what that liberal press is providing is data we would likely not get without them.

Go Press!

^^^ Francis wouldn't have seen this because the right-wing websites he reads ^^^

Mike Gaynes has no idea what I don't read, and knows of only a fraction of what I do read from my postings here. I have no idea why bloviators need to comment on what I don't read.

It is likely that Mike Gaynes believes Hillary is "too big to jail." It's likely that he thinks she should be above the law, even the same law used to convict David Petraeus for a much smaller infraction. It' likely he's willing to look the other way when Democrats commit crimes because, Republicans! It's also very likely that he's more enamored with the well being of his "tribe" than Americans as a whole.

But in the real world, Hillary Clinton may yet face some serious charges:Web Link

FBI Director Comey may not be as pliable or as forgiving as Mike Gaynes and the other Hillary suck-ups need him to be.

I can imagine that Hillary can't say the same about her email ride from Hell, George. BTW, Thanks Mike for the correction; and Barack's ride with Jeremiah Wright in the unending press.

I'm sorry, but I just can't escape the irony here. Our gracious contributor from Gualala gets indignant with Mike about what he may read or not: "Mike Gaynes has no idea what I don't read, and knows of only a fraction of what I do read from my postings here. I have no idea why bloviators need to comment on what I don't read."

Then, our little buddy from Gualala expends the rest of his comments giving back...doing to Mike exactly what he complained about being done to him: "It is likely that Mike Gaynes believes Hillary is "too big to jail." It's likely that he thinks she should..." & this -"It's also very likely that he's more enamored ..."

None of which is on topic, but our gracious little buddy from Gualala is so special, he makes the rules, not meant to follow them. What a character. He'd fit right in the current GOP golf of Presidential candidates.

FBI Director Comey may not be as pliable or as forgiving as Mike Gaynes and the other Hillary suck-ups need him to be.

If Hillary is charged and convicted of anything as a result of the Benghazi investigation within the next 3 months, I will ride through HMB down Main Street on a motorcycle, in JUST a Speedo and helmet, with the words "Francis Droulliard Was Right!" painted on my chest in day-glo colors.

If Hillary is not convicted of anything as a result of the Benghazi investigation within the next 3 months, I propose Francis agree to stop posting here and find another community, where he doesn't live, to troll.

Since I'm just a stupid suck-up, this should be an easy-peasy bet, right?


Coasters, I'd say it is likely that LIKELY was the word of the day on Sesame Street, which Francis watches in secret so as not to be caught trafficking with PBS. (When he learns a new expression he likes to use it a lot... like Rainbow Jihadi.)

I'd say it's LIKELY that no one will ever see you on Main Street in a Speedo. (I will try to contain my disappointment, since perhaps you are one of the very, very few people who look good in a Speedo.)

And I'd say it's LIKELY that Francis will never agree to depart this online locale, no matter the circumstances. When you spend as many hours over this many years trolling a local chat board in a town 150 miles away that you have no connection to... there's not much else in your life.

Personally, I'd find the laughter he brings to my life irreplaceable.

Like the fragile little flowers on today's colleges and campuses, Mikey and Georgie need a "safe zone" so they aren't subjected to opposing points of view that they're ill-equipped to address.

That explains why both whine about out-of-towners on this forum.

^^^ Since I'm just a stupid suck-up, this should be an easy-peasy bet, right? ^^^

That's not something I want to see. But since it wants to make it about it or me, let me say that I'd rather Americans get the truth instead of the lies perpetrated by the repugnant Left and their minions.

I 'love' people who are such good buddies when they need something from you (like designing a bridge and free engineering advice) but then turn b1tchy again after they've gotten what they want.

So when are Politico and their mindless parrots going to lay off Ben Carson and focus on Hillary's worse lies? Have they had any significant criticism about her hishonesty?

Or is it because he's black?



^^^ So when are Politico and their mindless parrots going to lay off Ben Carson and focus on Hillary's worse lies? Have they had any significant criticism about her hishonesty? ^^^

I don't think that's a realistic expectation from a punk "journalist" like Kyle Cheney that confuses a NYC jail with Gitmo.

"... let me say that I'd rather Americans get the truth ..." IF there were a morsel of truth, of honesty in that statement, you would be discussing issues instead of yourself and others.

As the evidence of Carson's 'enhancements' of his alleged life continues to expand (like his stories), it amazes most that anyone with live and active brain tissue could possibly be so gullible and so totally lost in their own lives that they swallow the loads from Ben and actually try to defend him.

Pretty sorry lot, that few.

Again, what is Carson supposedly lying about? Saying he was a worse kid than people remember him as? And Democrats think that discredits him.

That's hilarious!!

Uh, yeah, uffish, except the only politician commenting on Carson's honesty isn't a Democrat. (Unless you think, as I do, that this Trump fella is actually an undercover Democrat planting himself as an agent provocateur amongst the GOP savages.) The Republicans are too busy feasting on each others' flesh to leave even a morsel for Hillary to snack on when the time comes.

Incidentally, far and away the most vicious attacker of the other poor GOP victims you list is also El Trumpo. Guess you hadn't noticed.

There are numerous pieces that support Mike's assessment just above. It is almost too good to be true; the GOP's candidates' idea of critical national issues that need to be addressed and dealt with all stem from and are contained within the GOP candidates themselves. Such shallow thinkers. It seems none of them can get past themselves or Trump and onto what we, the American public, taxpayers and voters need and want to move this nation forward. They are complimented, of course, by a bitter partisan Congress that has only focused on what they can destroy instead of create.

There are many to choose from, but here is the most recent piece I've seen supporting the reality Mike offers: "The Republican primary just reached new levels of nastiness ahead of the big debate", Web Link

It appears as though if we just leave the GOP to itself, it will eat itself without any help. So it might well be a fair suggestion to just enjoy the show and wait it out to see who, if anyone, is left standing ... bloody, bruised and broken, to face the real gauntlet - the run for President.

That Trump is something, huh? :)

I apologize here as I forgot that one or two readers don't bother to open opposition links and read them - apparently afraid of facts which would ruin their perfectly good rants, so please forgive me as I spoon feed those that fit the description.

From the piece linked just above: "The Republican presidential race has reached new levels of infighting ahead of the Tuesday-night debate hosted by Fox Business Network.

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump, naturally, led the way with the most personal insults."

"At a Monday-night rally in Springfield, Illinois, Trump attacked both Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, two of his leading Republican opponents in the polls."

"Rubio hit back quickly after The New York Times reported Monday night that the big-money super PAC of former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida was testing anti-Rubio messaging and boasting that it could spend as much as $20 million to take Rubio down a notch."

"Rubio took a jab at Trump during a Monday-night Fox News interview. Asked about Trump attacking his personal finances as a "disaster," Rubio pointed to Trump's past corporate bankruptcies."

"I'm not sure someone who's like Donald Trump, that's taken four companies into bankruptcy, should be lecturing anybody about finances," Rubio said.

"Even the mild-mannered Carson has started to return fire at Trump, who repeatedly taunted him over the weekend, saying he had an incurable "pathological disease."

"Trump jumped on last week's media reports questioning statements made in Carson's memoir, "Gifted Hands." Among other things, a CNN investigation could not find anyone who could corroborate Carson's stories of violent childhood incidents, which Carson said ultimately led him to disavow his temper and become the calmer person he is today. But Trump accused Carson of having a pattern of lying."

There's plenty more, but you get the gist. Ah, family life; it's a wonderful thing to witness, isn't it? All the love, all the new ideas, all the concern, all the 'acting Presidential'. Just gotta Love that GOP and appreciate their genuine concern for us and our nation.

^^^ Incidentally, far and away the most vicious attacker of the other poor GOP victims you list is also El Trumpo. Guess you hadn't noticed. ^^^

Shocking! It's as though they're competing for the same thing!

How could we have missed that?

"Donald Trump Compares Ben Carson to a Child Molester (Video)", Web Link

Now That's what I'm talking about!

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