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Two Fiercely Anti-Gay Candidates Share a Tender Moment

"There's a problem with a common theory about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz", Web Link

From the looks of it, one might believe they've both gotten past their homophobic rhetoric and are about to take 'the plunge'.

It wouldn't surprise anyone that if one wins the party nomination, the other will be the running mate, initially and after dating, maybe permanently.

I think they make a cute couple and there is little doubt that Ted is ready. They should just get a room and be done with it.

Great pic.


Wow, a link to another stupid article with another baseless assertion from the relentlessly execrable George Muteff.

Will wonders ever cease?

It's s joke, Francis. Humor. Especially ironic when homophobes are involved. Try it some time (humor, that is).

Extremists are usually humor-impaired. More likely for right-wing extremists.

"Humor" like this thread ("Look, look!! It looks like two boys are kissing!! Hee hee hee!!") is about as mature as a Chuck E Cheese party. Got something else?

uff, could you pass the fries?

Sure..... Oh, man! Someone spilled Dr Pepper all over me. I'm out of here. Have fun.

Carson isn't the only one (GOP candidate) having troubles: "Cruz sternly rebuked by GOP", Web Link Good; about time. Maybe the GOP Has finally hit bottom and is trying to turn around. We can hope.

From this piece: "On Monday night, Cruz’s colleagues ignored his attempt to disrupt Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s efforts to fund the government without attacking Planned Parenthood. In an unusual rebuke, even fellow Republicans denied him a “sufficient second” that would have allowed him a roll call vote."

Then, his Republican colleagues loudly bellowed “no” when Cruz sought a voice vote, a second repudiation that showed how little support Cruz has: Just one other GOP senator — Utah’s Mike Lee — joined with Cruz as he was overruled by McConnell and his deputies."

When the best you can do is get one other fool to see it your way, well let's just say that demonstrates an enormous amount of room for improvement. If your own peers can't stand ya, how can any reasonable person believe the public will? Loser!

Here's another GOP candidate that would serve himself best if he resigned from this thing he has called a campaign and get himself some brains and a personality. The sooner the better.

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