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OneWould Think They'd Learn, But ... (here we go again)

After all the soundbites, all the fuss, all the committees and roughly $5 Million of our tax dollars wasted, one might think the GOP learned something; one might want to believe that the GOP might focus future efforts on something productive for our nation ..., but oh no, that would actually make sense. Maybe they're still butt-hurt that they all, in the end, played the fool and got caught with their knickers down - and it was not a pretty sight.

"Democrats Coin A More Accurate Name For House Committee Probing Planned Parenthood", Web Link

"WASHINGTON -- House Republicans have convened a Select Investigative Panel to investigate "the grisly practices of big abortion providers." But Democrats, who considered boycotting the committee because they think it will target Planned Parenthood exclusively, on Wednesday unveiled their preferred name: the Select Committee to Attack Women's Health."

"Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), in a statement, also named Democrats to sit on the committee."

“I am proud to name six strong champions of women, families and facts to stand up against the latest Republican assault on women’s health,” Pelosi said. “Hard-working families deserve better than a taxpayer-funded Republican Select Committee fixated on dismantling women’s health. As Republicans try to take affordable family planning and lifesaving preventive care away from millions of American women, Democrats will be in the room to fight for the truth.”

And once again, there you have it. Some folks hold so much anger inside that they just don't know how to escape to a normal life. Hate is such an ugly cologne. Fortunately, the demo on the committee will be there to help them. Question now is; are they smart enough to accept the help?

And the "republican war on women" continues....


And, to be fair, here's the flip side: "Shutdown? Freedom Caucus chairman vows 'real fight' on Planned Parenthood", Web Link

"USA TODAY's Susan Page interviews Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, in this week's Capital Download. Jack Gruber"

"WASHINGTON — The chairman of the House Freedom Caucus signaled Wednesday that he and other congressional conservatives were determined to try again to cut off money for Planned Parenthood, dismissing concerns that the confrontation could lead to another government shutdown."

So, it appears King Jordan ... oh, I'm sorry, I meant Rep Jordan hasn't learned, is ready - no, looking forward to another nasty battle at any cost (go ahead, shut the government down), so that he and about 3 dozen other elected reps can spend our money, to get on the news and spout more hate filled soundbites - at a time when our nation is in such real need of leadership, vision, unity and forward moving actions.

And here we go once again, with no end in sight - other than the end of the GOP as we've known them.

Patriarchy. If you control a woman's uterus you control HER. This is how Christian males of a certain personality profile control their spouses and women in general. They do this while deriding other cultures that do the same things in more blatant fashions.

Here come the mindless and repugnant Left with their tired old chants.

A majority of Americans oppose the sale of organs from aborted fetuses. Planned Barrenhood first tried to deny it, then pretended the videos didn't exist, then claimed federal money wasn't spent on that practice, then claimed it benefited science and now claim they did nothing illegal.

If they can be taken at their word then they have nothing to fear from a Congressional investigation. At the very worst, they'll lose federal funding that they don't really need because their are enough ghouls in this country to support them with their own donations. No need to rely on other Americans that oppose the practices of Planned Barrenhood.

Yes and if a woman isn't really a witch she won't float in water, so she shouldn't mind s good dunking.

PP never profited from fetal tissue, but the rest of us have, thank goodness. Isn't odd that the GOP loves to threaten one of the main venues for medical care for the poor while trying to make it harder to get med insurance? Such compassion!

We continue to see the Joe McCarthy style "Small" government of the "conservatives".

^^^ Isn't odd that the GOP loves to threaten one of the main venues for medical care for the poor while trying to make it harder to get med insurance? ^^^

The poor can sign up for Obamacare to obtain healthcare. They don't need the phony "women's health" provided by Planned Barrenhood.

If they need an abortion, they can go to one of the many PP clinics in poor black neighborhoods strategically placed to control the black population. And they can do it with donations from ghoulish Lefties like "Coasters." There's no need to federally fund Planned Barrenhood.

And there's no need for PP to worry about a Congressional Committee if they did nothing wrong. And let the American people get a good look at how low Democrats will stoop to defend their ghoulish practices.

"strategically placed to control the black population"

Absurd and vile twisting of reality to meet a political agenda.

"And there's no need for PP to worry about a Congressional Committee if they did nothing wrong." Of course not, just as there was no need "to worry about a Congressional Committee" over Benghazi.

These clowns just jump from one witch hunt to another with no regard for anything save their own perceived political careers and positions.

It truly would be a breath of fresh air (and Lord knows fresh air is desperately needed in DC) if our elected would spend the time and resources - all of which we provide - on matters of import, matters that will make this country greater and improve our quality of life (oh, like education, new Tax Code, perhaps a stated realistic Energy Policy, immigration, housing, rebuilding our elusive and disappearing middle class and so much more).

The partisan hatred spewing from Capitol Hill is enough to make the average person vomit in disgust. How 'bout these elected do their job for a change? It seems it is just too much 'fun' attacking ... always attacking others for a buck (to expand their wealth) and a vote (to maintain that cashflow). It's all about them, our elected, and how much they can get.

^^^ Absurd and vile twisting of reality to meet a political agenda. ^^^

Only to those that don't have the facts or are willing to lie about it.

Web Link

78% of PP clinics are placed in minority communities.

Blacks make up 35% of abortions, yet constitute only 12% of Americans.

In my view, it's absurd and vile to ignore those facts.

Facts are that the poor in this country - mostly women and children - live in those areas and need the low-cost alternative, Francis. Caring about the proportion of abortions by race is something really ghoulish when use it as a means to deprive the poor if care. What difference does race make with respect to getting healthcare? It shouldn't matter one bit in this country. Everyone needs healthcare.

The white males determined to shut down PP are the worst sorts of politicians: the ones that serve crap salad to you and tell its for the good of the country. All they're really doing is pandering to bigots and sociopaths.

"Coasters" incorrectly presumes that only men oppose abortions, when in fact many women do as well.

Then again, what else would you expect from a nihilist that equates killing a viable fetus with "women's health."

As for using PP to control the black population, there's little question that it's founder, Margaret Sanger, promoted both eugenics and the Negro Project:

Web Link

But hey, Black Lives Matter, right?

Sanger was a fan of eugenics. PP is not.

I realize the Sanger bit is part of the teabagger talking storybook, but it's as relevant as saying Joseph Smith was a pedophile because he had under-age wives, so we should stop all tax subsidies to the LDS that they currently enjoy.

What other nasty people started organizations we now all enjoy? There's a multitude.

Look at the ratio of men to women in congress voting against abortion, Francis. You like statistics - check it out and do the math.

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