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God bless their pointed little hoods

Prominent US Senators and Mayors Outed as Members of the KKK by Anonymous

Web Link

This could be interesting.


And here I thought it would be George heralding that irresponsible reporting.

Enjoy your race to the bottom.

I tend to agree with Francis it looks like irresponsible reporting right now. Nearly everyone listed has issued a denial. Supposedly some release is coming from Anonymous on Thursday. Let's see what that brings. Here is an update on the original story.

Web Link

Where's the "reporting"? This is radical move by cyber-vigilantes, not "reporting". They have correlated data they've acquired from multiple sites and may have a very good bead on hundreds of KKK members.

We will see how irresponsible it is or not, but I completely understand your current state of stompy-footedness as some of your heroes are about to have their careers ruined by their membership in the KKK.

Yes, Boney, and Nixon was "not a crook".

Coasters, I love your analogy. My point is that there has been no corroborating information - to date. It never hurts to wait and see what verification develops.

As someone once said:

"there's time enough for counting when the dealings done"

Heck, I don't see the problem here. So what? There's no law saying one can't be a KKK member, is there? Freedom of speech and all.

I mean, that's what the likes of francis said about the Confederate flag issue, so it must be.

Besides, the smart republican elected (on Endangered Species list) get Billy-Ray and Bobby-Joe to wear those cute little fitted sheets and do the 'dirty work' while they publicly condemn the actions and folks behind it.

To be clear the race to the bottom was won several years ago by the Birthers. I may be mistaken but I believe the Truthers were a close second and Flat Earthers got an honorable mention.

If you're suggesting we have a second race to the bottom I doubt there will be a shortage of competitors, but perhaps we should wait and see how this one turns out before throwing them in the mix.

Not to get ahead of myself but maybe we could start a good old fashioned race to the bottom fantasy league, and then allow some betting on the whole thing. The key to success would be to avoid the more obvious picks and try to identify the up and comers. Just an idea.

^^^ To be clear the race to the bottom was won several years ago by the Birthers. ^^^

I'm curious as how you can equate one unverified story regarding KKK membership with numerous stories and facts regarding the dubious nature of Obama's birth certificate.

Are Democrats that desperate to project their shameful history onto the Republican Party?

Look, no one here has stated these powerful white male conservatives are necessarily KKK members. I said it would be interesting. Big data is changing the world. This looks to be a case where new world big data is about to pimp slap old world white privilege and racism. Indeed, there's plenty time to see how this plays out.

What we probably won't see are any actual KKK members proudly stepping forward and admitting membership. By nature, these racist, terrorist organizations hide in the shadows right next the white churches, white businesses and wholesome, white social organizations.

With respect to the race to the bottom, John McCain won that when he picked a hillbilly pageant queen as a running mate. The birther nonsense was just icing on the tinfoil cake. Now we gave an RBS in the lead for the GOP nomination who sells snake oil and lies about it and thinks people catch homosexuality in prison.

The race to the bottom was won in 2008 by John "bomb Iran" McCain.

May I suggest that we leave the door open just a bit; be more accommodating. What with all that is going on in these times, I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that there is plenty of room at the bottom for others. In fact, we might be surprised to find out that there is an even lower bottom.

I have no idea how this particular matter will turn out, but you can bet that opportunity will be knocking on those doors that open up to even further depths, for those so inclined.

So let's give this time to simmer, cook a bit more. I have a suspicion that this stew may taste a bit sweeter given a little time and input. You gotta give folks time to show their true colors (play intended). Some take a bit longer than others, which is par for the course when adding ingredients to a stew. The flavor changes somewhat with each addition.

Ah good call. I dropped the ball. Completely forgot SP.

And that's really the idea behind Fan Shame and Sham Kings. It's fantasy sports meets real life politics. You pick your reality team, and then together race to the bottom. I would have lost big forgetting such a game changing maverick.

I'm curious as how you can equate one unverified story regarding KKK membership with numerous stories and facts regarding the dubious nature of Obama's birth certificate.

A fascinating and enlightening juxtaposition:

On one hand we saw a movement that attempted to make illegitimate a minority male who deigned to seek the highest office in the land through a phony controversy about his birth status versus a bunch of white supremacists who must have been chuckling at their continued success at fomenting that sort of bigotry in America.

Francis, does NorCal have a KKK branch?

^^^ no one here has stated these powerful white male conservatives are necessarily KKK members. ^^^

No, you just spread unsubstantiated rumors that serve your liberal agenda. Then back-peddle when you're called on it.

Maybe you can divert you attention to this Tea Party activist that just became Lt. Governor of Kentucky:

Web Link

It'll be lots of fun watching you and others on the repugnant Left accuse Hampton with a "war on women" or "racism."

Oh, Frank, I'm so proud of your party voting Ina minority AND a woman. A real two-fer!

Good job. In 10 or 20 years you'll vote for it being the 21st century!

I wonder if she knows about all the KKK affiliates?

The KKK, in an effort to make sure people know what a good Christian organization it is, pleads its case:

Although Ancona insisted that the KKK is not a hate group, he added that “We just want to keep our race the white race."

"We want to stay white,” Ancona said. “It's not a hateful thing to want to maintain white supremacy."

Web Link

Ancona sees no issue with one race maintaining "supremacy" at the cost of other races and resulting racial tension, injustice, violence and bigotry.

But, hey, they're Christians. So it's okay. Jesus was white, right?

A gracious and compassionate person would congratulate Jenean Hampton, but we don't see that with "Coasters."

Why? Because a black women that succeeds without government assistance is its worst nightmare. That she's also a Tea Party conservative makes its head explode.

I suppose now we can expect it to find some form of assistance she received from government in an attempt to discredit her. That's how the repugnant Left rolls.

I don't care how people get where they got as long as they're good people and push for justice. Nice way to try and divert the attention from the alleged "conservative" klansmen, Honeybicker.

^^^ Nice way to try and divert the attention from the alleged "conservative" klansmen, Honeybicker. ^^^

The story you tried peddling to discredit Republicans didn't pan out. If you had any sense of history (or decency), you'd have known that it wouldn't. But you don't and you didn't.

But you did get a chance to use the word "Honeybicker" -- that was really impressive!

It's still in progress. Who knows what'll happen, but you're correct that could just be another Benghazi type of story.

"But, hey, they're Christians. So it's okay. Jesus was white, right?"

Probably not. Web Link

Also, I don't see how he could have been a Christian.

Honest question: I wonder if Donald Trump has considered what would happen if Jesus showed up at his proposed beautiful, impenetrable and cheap wall? Surely, as a deeply religious man, he has considered the implications of the second coming.

Would Jesus with his olive skin and lack of papers be denied entry into the US? I guess he could prove that he was Jesus if he really wanted to, but requiring proof doesn't seem very... Faithful.

A worthwhile thing to consider. Depending on what you believe it could be a very real possibility.

I hope that's not too off topic.

Maybe Trump thinks he's the second coming?

That would be remarkably Trump like, but not very Christ like. An odd juxtaposition.

^^^ Honest question: I wonder if Donald Trump has considered what would happen if Jesus showed up at his proposed beautiful, impenetrable and cheap wall? ^^^^

That's a dishonest and pointless "gotcha" question. I thought you were protraying yourself as better than that.

A better question would be "why would anyone support open borders?"

It benefits crony capitalists at the expense of low-skilled and unskilled American workers.

They consume limited government benefits (yes, they are limited, even if you seize 100% of the wealth of the 1%).

It Islamic extremists and others that want to harm Americans to freely enter.

In light of those indisputable facts, why would anyone mock efforts to control our borders?

Incorrect. All around.

Oh, and Frank, most of us are just being who we are, not pretending. I'm not portraying myself as anything other than Justin.

And you can ask any question you want. My question is fairly clear.

That was an excellent question, Justin, and points out at least one problem with all the easy answers to immigration that get thrown around these parts.

"What would Donald do?", so to speak.

And "watchdog", that was sarcasm. Not only would Jesus not have been white, but he would look more like Osama Bin Laden. Not to worry, though, because there is a lot of evidence he never existed and is simply a composite of several historical figures.

Back to Trump. My guess is that The Donald would call Jesus Christ a "loser" if he met him on the street today. If Donald considers Rubio a loser, what do you think he'd call a long-haired, robed, dark-skinned hippy-looking character (besides a possible terrorist)?

Coasters, I sort of figured it was sarcasm. My response was valid either way.

So let's hear the benefits of open borders. The current situation where foreigners walk across the border or overstay a visa with no papers, take a job displacing Americans, not pay income taxes, put enormous on services... What is the overwhelming benefit to the American citizen that the US should allow this situation to continue?

Me? I'm not curious about open borders. I mean I am, but not right now. I just want to know about what happens if Jesus is on the Mexico side of the wall. Do you have any ideas?

If Jesus were on the Mexican side of the fence he could come visit -legally- like everyone else. He probably wouldn't be coming in to scam up benefits he's not entitled to or drop anchor babies to force a stay he couldn't otherwise get, so no problem there. But Trump says the door is open for -legal- visitors and immigrants... certainly including Jesus.

Without getting into the pros and cons of uncontrolled immigration of Mexicans looking for work, I'm still waiting for someone to take a stab at explaining how we can possibly be keeping terrorists from illegally entering the U.S. when we have a basically uncontrolled border. I don't know why we even bother with the official border crossing points.

This website is worth reviewing Web Link . Legal entry into the United States would require (among other things): $160, filled out application, valid passport, and possibly an interview at a consulate regarding your stay.

That is, UNLESS, entry were from Canada. Then you can pretty much just walk across.

I'm not as familiar with the bible as I should be, I will admit. Im certainly not as familiar as Mr. Trump has said he is. BUT, I am confident that the second coming will not include a fabricated Mexican passport. As has been pointed out already, the appearance of Jesus is a little... Earthy. Robe, sandals, long hair. No passport. If he had any money he'd probably give it away. And I'm thinking an interview wouldn't go great. Legal entry? Probably not.

My point isn't that we should have open borders. I'm just curious how a true believer rectifies this issue. Personally (and please don't tell anyone) my belief in the bible is less than literal.

One of the leaders of the supremely bigoted KKK franchise responds..

Web Link

“This whole thing is sort of ridiculous,” Duke, 65, said Friday from southeastern Louisiana during a phone call following Thursday’s massive dump of contact information. "Screw Anonymous. They’ve had no impact whatsoever. There’s no KKK in the world; there are simply different groups with completely different ideologies."

Ah, yes, the KKK just doesn't exist says a former Grand Dragon of the KKK. It's all part of the post-racist society. We're all friends now.

^^^ Incorrect. All around. ^^^

It was a loaded question meant to antagonize and ridicule rather than illuminate. And now you're avoiding answering questions that properly frame the debate. And to say you're not interested in any aspect of border control other than what happens if Jesus is on the other side of the wall means you're not serious about the issue. So stop pretending that you're above petty snarking or do better.

FWIW, I'm generally against a wall, but I'm for better border security. I believe the latter can be achieved through changes to immigration policy and better enforcement of immigration policy.

Why does this Web Link work in the EU? I'm completely convinced that it's currently inappropriate for the US/Mexico border. If we can fix it via whatever changes FD has in mind, then we could consider something like the Schengen Agreement for our southern border. My limited and old understanding of our northern border is that much of it is a lot like the above.

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