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How's This for Irony?

"49ers CEO York does not want to talk football during the season", Web Link season?p=ya5nbcs&ocid=yahoo

Certainly Not, Mr York ... except through "leaks", of course.

Like father like son. What a complete horse's ass...and liar.

"Win with dignity", huh? How's that working for you so far York?


"49ers thoughts: If Jed York won’t talk, he’s basically affirming the Kaepernick rumors, and my thought on Jarryd Hayne’s release", Web Link

How to Dismantle and Dismember a Great NFL Team in Less than One Year 101, written by York and Baalke and published by ThesiscompleteBS Publishing and taught with excellence by the 49er ownership and management.

Hey York - leak this ... but he doesn't want to talk about it. There's a surprise.

The "dismantling of the 'miners" is not a demonstration of bad management but is a result of the need of cash by the Yorks. The cost of the stadium is killing their cash flo.

Web Link

How is this for saving a few bucks. The 49ers trade All Pro tight end Vernon Davis to Denver for a 2017 6th round draft choice plus switching 6th round choices wit Denver in 2016.

As an aside Koepernick benched for next week

Well now, this should about do it:

1) "Broncos add a piece for cheap, get tight end Vernon Davis in trade", Web Link

2) "Eagles News: Colin Kaepernick trade speculation begins after 49ers bench quarterback for Blaine Gabbert", Web Link

Vernon will have another shot at a ring this season (did you see what Denver did to Green Bay?) and the Niners will keep Kap in "bubble wrap" until he's gone too.

So the Niners will now have an offense, if that's what you want to call it, that doesn't/can't score and a defense (less Vic Fangio and important pieces) that will be too tired chasing opposing offenses after the first quarter that they will just lay down by the second half and opposing teams will run up the score. They may well not win even one more game this year.

Say they don't, what then? Next year will be just as bad ... maybe even worse. Who's going to want to be traded to the Niners? Who will get excited about being drafted by the Niners? Who will want to play for or even coach the Niners after what York and Baalke have done.

Get comfortable folks. The Niners are done for years to come - and York "wants to win with class"? At what point does York first and drop the last 2 words to then say; I want to win?

Anyone want an overpriced NFL team in a great market?

In my limited sports experience I’ve only seen one organization be destroyed that is worse (for the fans) that what has happened to the 49ers. That was 1984 when Robert Irsay, the Colts owner, under the cover of darkness sneaked the Baltimore Colts out of Baltimore and relocated them to Indianapolis!

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