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SMC Sheriff Office has opened Internal Investigation for Joaquin Jimenez case.

The San Mateo County Sheriff Office has opened an Internal Investigation into the behavior of its Gang Task Force Deputies and Patrol Deputies for their alleged behavior on October 18, 2015 in Half Moon Bay. The allegations became public October 20, 2015 at the HMB City Council Meeting where 19 year old Joaquin Jimenez shared his experience as a young HMB resident having his photo taken and being video taped by the Gang Task Force. He was concerned so he called his father Joaquin Jimenez who was concerned so he walked downtown to find out what was happening. He found out much more than he wanted, while talking to his son SMC patrol car pulled up he approached and asked why are you racial profiling my son and taking photos of him is Illegal. Deputy driver flings door open grabs Father by vest with both hands pushes him back 15 ft and says get on the Fâ?¦..g sidewalk. He tells father he is interfering with a Gang Investigation and he will lose his job. The Deputy knew Mr. Jimenez is employed by San Mateo County in the Juvenile Probation Department.

That's it for now.


HMB City Council Meeting October 20, 2015

Go to 1:04:53 to see Brave Son and Father tell their story to the public.

You'll notice Supervisor Don Horsley and Aide Chris Hunter are listening and don't say Boo.

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Thanks for the update Michael.

I think Supervisor Horsley did the right thing by listening to the son and father's experiences.

The County Sheriff Department's reputation is tarnishing more every day.

Instead of a glitzy new library bring back our own locally run force.

Life is full of ironies.

I seem to remember uff (and a few others) telling those that talked about racial issues, tensions and stories from right here in HMB that we were crazy. Anyone that is curious on this can easily scan these TA threads back to the Yanira matter and see for yourselves.

It was Yanira that Mr Jimenez alluded to her in his presentation to the Council. There were multiple meetings throughout the community after that tragedy. I attended many of them.

I also posted here what I heard and learned at those meetings, only to be told I didn't hear what I heard and didn't learn what I'd learned at those meetings - that there was no such thing as racial profiling in HMB and that there were no racial issues here on the coast - I was blowing smoke.

Mr Jimenez was one of the folks that I spoke of. He, and others, told these stories then and were concerned then; and here we are today, apparently in the same spot with the same stories.

We haven't learned anything and as a result, it appears we suffer the same issues with the same people and entities.

Oh bullshit, George. Just when we think you can't stoop any lower you go and amaze us all.

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