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Live Blogging the 10-20-2015 City Council Meeting

Let the festivities begin!!

NOTICE: No warranties are either express or implied and reading this blog is at your own risk and for entertainment purposes only. I.E. Don't take any of this too seriously...


Rick is sharing his trip through Asia. Everywhere he went when he shared that he was an American he was warmly received and this made him very happy.

He also volunteered at the Pumpocalypse festival.

And the Sewer Authority- it's complicated. (His words not mine...)

Councilman Muller left home at 3:30 this AM. It's pumpkin time!!

Pumpkin weighoff info.

Saturday went to Mac Dutra Plaza- great pancake breakfast!!

Good comments on Burning Man and respect for the land/community after the festival...

Mayor Fraser attended some meetings.

Penrose and Ruddock are absent.

Mac Dutra Plaza had a donor who gave a bunch of money- they will now get a plaque in the park. (No idea who the mystery donor is- she didn't say...)

City Manager updates

Apology for technical issues with the agenda. Hmmmm... I wonder why that could be happening.

Don Horsley is now selling Connect the Coastside- he's speaking about it now.

There will be more public comment.

Connect the Coastside Project Manager is speaking- has been for maybe ten minutes.

I'm a policy wonk but my ears are starting to bleed. I can already imagine John Muller (of the "Keep it short!! club) thinking about ways to flee the room!!

He would be more than happy to break the presentation up, silence- onward ho!!

Switching to Cubs Mets- still listening but...

Strike three yer' out!! (Granderson, not the PM...)

HR Murphy!! (#6)

Monica is laughing her ass off- "Yep, I'm standing and I"m asleep)"

T His isn't really funny- this is important stuff, but we needed a high-level brief and were getting things like how many seats in bus stop waiting areas...

John- you never thought I'd say this, but I feel your pain!!

Hooray!! He's done...

Off to City Manager Reports...

Pilarcitos Creek Bridge Project update...

I'm interested on this as I fear it might be falling behind- but no- we're still on schedule. (Phew!)

Public Forum...

Up Steps Jimmy Benjamin to the plate...

Sorry, have to sign off for a bit...

Joaquin Jimenez Jr. Just provided a wake-up call for everyone. And now his dad is speaking.

If you do nothing else go watch these two men (father and son) speak.

Their words bring the reality of our world to light.

What do you do when the Sheriff tells you your son is a gang member- and you know he isn't?? And the Sheriff tells you to get the f_ck on the sidewalk.

Credit to Marina for letting him take whatever time he needs. (OK, not all the time he wants, but still a good amount.)

OK, the Mayor and Muller have two different agendas.

Literally- the City Manager and the pinch-city clerk failed to get a coherent and accurate Agenda into the hands of the three Councilpersons, much less the entire community.

What a cluster f__ck.

Brilliance followed by sheer comedy... Let's bring the Jimenez family back to speak about something important...

They MUST STOP. This meeting just became illegal. They are working of two agendas- and the public has no ability to know what the hell is going on.

This is so effed.

Everything that follows this post in the meeting is invalid!!

Khojikian just admitted that the resolution they were going to pass is not on the Agenda!!

That is so illegal I don't know where to start.

City Attorney- save us from this disaster!!

Please someone- anyone- stop them from driving off this cliff!!

Rick- if you are reading this you get a free pass from me. Stop this meeting before you muck things up horribly!!

Please, someone, stop this trainwreck!!

City Manager?? Can you help with this?? (Since you obviously were the genesis of this debacle!!)

As I write these words the Council is preparing to vote on a resolution which would encumber the City and contractually bind the City forever, but that resolution was not on the agenda which was provided to either the Council or the public. The funding amount in question is well over $20 million when all costs are taken into account.

In other words: The three in the majority are about to approve a contractual obligation for our City amounting to more than $20 million in encumbrance and none of them have even seen the resolution, much less read it previously.

This is insanity!! (And not even remotely legal!!)

Maybe, they should just do a first reading and then bring it back to the next council meeting.

The video of the 3 Councilmembers and the staff trying to figure out what is the correct agenda is going to be a classic.

That belongs on the Comedy Channel without a doubt.

Welcome back, Mr Bills.

Hope all is well in your world - long time no hear!

Hey, George. Everything fine here, thanks for asking.

Been doing some things for my man Bernie. I'm afraid he may have burned out a bit but there is still some hope.

Our City Council however is just too entertaining to ignore.

So what finally happened? Did they actually vote?

Actually they withdrew the first vote and then voted a second time. You can enjoy the experience here

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