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Library Community Priorities Survey

I received my survey yesterday. Godbe Research, from HMB, was commissioned to perform this survey. It is my understanding that this survey cost $29K. Is it worth it? Well, for one person it just might be; somebody is suppose to win a watch! Oh, boy.

So it would appear that this City Council is seeking public input ... or so it seems. Questions aside, and yes they are slanted, I can't help but wonder; This survey costs approximately $29K / a ballot Measure would cost approximately $13K.

Gee, I wonder which method of seeking public opinion would be better, more effective and cost effective? survey from the sponsors of this new library or a ballot Measure?

We already know how this Council would answer that question - hence the survey. Crisis management can be so tricky.


It is absolutely unbelievable... Money (yours & mine) is absolutely no worry to these people.

My input:

What about Traffic Circulation: Do the citizens of HMB really want a 25,000 suare foot traffic-seeking magnet built in the center of town when there is nearly gridlock daily anyhow?

What about location? Do Mid-Coast parents want to drive extra miles and spend the extra minutes in their cars shuttling thier children to HMB for a facility that could be placed anywhere on the Mid-Coast?

What about Parking? If inadequate, as it seems to have been an over-loooked issue that the consultant/architectural firm folks waive off as we'll cross that bridge later, how will the surrounding neighbors feel about their congested neighborhoods being filled up with library-bound parked cars in front of their houses and businesses?

What about the Over-head costs? It seems that just because they can dream it, thay can buuild it. But who shall end up paying for the operating costs? Or will they come poor-mouthing back to the taxpayers and property owners time and time again with hat in hand asking ...no make that BEGGING... for parcel taxes or extra "use" taxes on HMB Purchases to cover their extravagant wants vs needs.

Just because they have a huge case of "LIBRARY ENVY" after seeing the likes of what Belmont, San Carlos or San Mateo's Libraries have doesn't mean we can actually afford to measure ourselves against theirs. Or, if we fall into that trap, can we afford to go broke just to get the satisfaction of "Measuring up" to the Big Cities on the Peninsula?

That is not my idea of satisfaction.

Just envy plain and simple.

Now the folks that so badly want a BIG HUGE LIBRRY may begin to label me, as is always the case with the name-calling tactics of the small minded.

The Library of my youth :

Imgaes to die for: Web Link

Pequot Library

Sothport CT

Gracious wood paneling & stone facade

Fireplace to read in front of

Manicued Grounds

Event Spaces

And well endowed, well used and beloved.

I am sure that the Hedge-Fund residents in the suroundiing communiites help keep this pace afloat now.

If the amount of the involuntary contribution was based upon each person's net worth I doubt very seriously if this (or any other corrupt thievery) would have a snowball's chance.

The points made above are good ones. Also, since San Mateo's library can't accommodate parking, they have several floors of underground parking.

These two (2) Items are on Tuesday's Council meeting; both are related -


Action: Motion





Department: Administration Action: Review - Discuss STAFF REPORT

You can find both the Agenda and the accompanying reports here: Web Link

This is listed in the staff report under "fiscal impact" for the "Funding Agreement" (pg 44):


Based on an estimated $22,821,000 Library Project cost, the County’s funding portion is $10,785,500 or 50% of the project cost, and the City’s funding portion is also $10,785,500. In addition, the Library JPA is contributing $50 per square foot for Library Furniture, Equipment and Technology."

Under "Background" (pgs 44&45):

The conceptual estimated project cost from 2014 is based on a model 25,000 square foot Library. The cost estimates below include escalations for design and construction costs as well as contingencies cost with an estimated construction start date of October 2016.

October 20, 2015

Library Funding Agreement Page 2 of 2

• Estimated Soft Cost: $3,946,000

• Estimated Construction Cost: $17,032,000

• Estimated Furniture, Equipment Technology Cost: $1,843,000

• Estimated Total Project Cost: $22,821,000

(A new updated estimate will be completed once the architect begins designing the building.)

Also under "Background" (pg 45):Highlights of the Library Funding Agreement:

• The County has agreed to contribute one half of the costs associated with the Library Project.

• As owner of the Library facility, the City will be responsible for completion of all aspects of the Library Project.

• Agreement provides for County staff and stakeholder participation on Executive and Technical project workgroups.

• City will establish a dedicated fund for maintenance and accounting of all City and County funds contributed for the Library Project.

• Throughout the term of this Agreement, City may request that the County deposit additional funds in the dedicated account by submitting reasonably acceptable documentation of additional funding contributed by the City to the dedicated account.

• The City will maintain the New Library upon project completion.

The Agreement follows, from page 46 through page 55.

Another JPA follows that one through page 75, then on page 76 we see the parking matter:


Once again, and as noted above: "The cost estimates below include escalations for design and construction costs as well as contingencies cost with an estimated construction start date of October 2016."

So all funding, permits, CEQA and all other considerations should be wrapped up by October 2016. That is pretty aggressive and also suggests that perhaps this survey is a very good thing ... as window dressing, I suppose.

But hey, some lucky individual will win a watch and this Council can proudly claim they asked for public participation! I'm excited.

Only a year away... a wish list. Excellent! Cost will be so different (much higher) at the project's completion I shudder to guess. And by that time the winner's (my fingers are crossed it's me) watch will be so outdated I'll have to replace it at my expense. Oh, wait, it's all my expense... well mine and every other taxpayer's :(

Under "Library Funding Agreement Page 2 of 2" we see the very first item is; • Estimated Soft Cost: $3,946,000

What, exactly, does that mean? That's a 17%+ chunk of the stated "• Estimated Total Project Cost: $22,821,000"

"Cost will be so different (much higher) at the project's completion I shudder to guess." And we can bet on it. When was the last time we saw a government project come in at or below provided estimates?

Then, of course, we can think about and worry about where the money for maintenance and such will come from, ... as if we didn't know.

25,000 square foot structure? right next to Cunha's Middle School, where it blends.

Don't forget to fill out and turn in your survey - oh, and it would be helpful if you could get it in Before the cut-off date - lest it be "Rejected" like the DOT $4.5 Million TrailGate grant!

Now John, about that watch, ...

Who won the watch?

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