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That Pumpkin Festival

I may have mentioned that I'm new in town so this is the first time ever I'm able to participate in the festivities because I'm actually already here instead of trying to fit into the traffic coming in. So I'm excited. I'm also volunteering for the Coastside Land Trust by staffing their booth on Sunday from noon to 3pm. Problem is that from my home at Lesley Gardens to the Bank of America is a very very long walk for someone with a mobility problem. I intend to try and see about a shuttle transport at the Senior Center but if that doesn't work I may need a ride with a friendly person going the same way at the same time. Is that possible you ask? I have come to the conclusion that if you don't ask, you don't get. So I'm putting it out there just in case.


How was the Pumpkin Festival? I guess no news is good news. I'm surprised that the HMB Review doesn't post photographs of the day.


Maybe the Review's folks are having too much of a good time to do any "work".

The Review is a weekly publication. Any additional on line photos or printed material before the regular weekly schedule could be considered a bonus. Sometimes I disagree with the editorials but the Review is all in all an extremely fine small newspaper.

The Festival was great! Lots of nice and friendly people, no fights, no drunken brawls, all in all one of the better street fairs I have attended. I was lucky enough to actually bum a ride with the Sheriff's go-cart thing because I was running late for my 12 noon shift of volunteering, and it was my birthday, so they kindly drove me to within 1 block of Main Street. The way home was another matte. I took my time, and my pain meds, and made the looooong walk in about half an hour. It was definitely worth it. While I was searching for transport possibilities, I met some really nice people at the City Hall,the Chamber if Commerce, and the HB Review. No one knw anything about a shuttle but they were all really nice about it. I've discovered in 2 months of living here this town is full of nice people - of course I'm a nice person too.

UT: absolutely no argument from me vis-à-vis the Review's quality. I'm a subscriber and read it cover-to-cover. I was hoping to goad them into uploading more PF pix than the backs of some folks on a building...

Monica: Looks like it wasn't all tea and roses (or whatever that saying is): some rude driver pepper-sprayed a family because the family's driver gave the rude driver some cr@p about his passing on the right and attempting to crowd in front of the family... nothing new, just road rage.

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