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Aircraft Touch and Gos

The touch and gos at the Half Moon Bay airport are getting on the nerves of Moss Beach, Princeton, and Montara home dwellers. My friend inquired and was told that pilots and pilots in training prefer the HMB airport rather than the San Carlos Airport. I don't think it is fair to our friends to have this noisy aircraft doing touch and gos over their homes. It is deafening.


What part of living next door to an airport did these folks not understand when they purchased their properties?

Has the frequency or duration of these practice maneuvers increased considerably?

I agree that touch and gos have become extreme lately. Anyone who is not affected by this should consider themselves lucky. The frequency and duration of the touch and gos has increased significantly. Many pilots performing touch and gos will circle in a pattern over the same houses 10-20 times. The frequency is every 4-5 minutes per plane, often with 3 or 4 of them circling at the same time. Some of the planes don't have mufflers and many fly well below the minimum altitude of 500 ft. Lately we have heard touch and goes as early as 8:30am and as late as 9pm. This past week some pilots even did touch and gos in the rain.

Sunny, when you can, go to the Three-Zero Restaurant and ask for the airport serviceman. He has worked there many years and can give you a map of the prohibited air zones. Also, there is a woman at the San Carlos airport who is in charge of both air strips. I think her name is Gretchen. Phone numbers can be found online.

Next Airport Roundtable

October 7th, 2015; 7pm

Chetcuti Room--Millbrae City Hall;

450 Poplar Avenue

Millbrae, California 94030

Among topics being discussed are the Noise Abatement Procedures not being followed; i.e. No turns until reaching 500' MSL, Touch-and-goes are discouraged on weekend and holiday mornings, avoid flying over Seton Hospital, and others listed on materials available at neighboring airports.

Thank you for providing the info on the meeting, however it looks like this is an "SFO International only roundtable." I.e. The meetings pertain to issues surrounding air traffic in and out of SFO. I do wish there was a group for disciussions about the smailler local airports such as Half Moon Bay and San Carlos. If you hear of one of those, I would be interested in attending.

I wrote to the chair of this committee. I will share any news I learn.

Sounds good. Thank you

Well, this is new...

I have lived in Moss Beach since May 6, 1986. The touch & gos have not increased since then... they have always been too many too early too late too low. From my living room window I watch/hear private planes take off from "Half Moon Bay" airport flying low over the houses in Moss Beach until they get to about California where they begin their clockwise turn to fly up and over Moss Beach Heights (sometimes Montara) with their throttles open wide. One pilot turns before the end of the airport land and goes around over the Brussels sprouts fields... ONE!!! But since s/he can do it, all could, IMHO, but no others do. I've seen vehicles driving on Hwy 1 with "I Love Airplane Noise" bumper stickers.

I used to call the airport hotline but gave that up after a few years when nothing changed

I used to whine here on TalkAbout about it (OK, I still whine here on TalkAbout about it), but that definitely doesn't do anything except get the few monied private pilots & their friends* aggravated enough to respond with b.s. comments (see the first two in this thread...). Then again, it does give me some satisfaction ;)

* Most of whom do not live in Moss Beach/Montara but live south of the "Half Moon Bay" airport (or not even on the Coastside).

Hey!! I'm one of those first two commenters. 1) in what world is my comment "BS?" The first question you ask is whether pilots are doing more touch and gos or flying too low over houses. 2) I'm not a pilot and do not support their thoughtless behaviour.

So put that in your prop and....... !

I am very sorry to have read your post as sarcastic, ut. That definitely reflects upon me and not you.

29 years of getting cr@p about complaining about noisy airplanes has made me a bit short when on the topic...

Again, sorry.

John, I was one who caught your wrath, also. I'm glad you apologized. There are women in the neighborhood giving children afternoon naps, and elderly people who are being disturbed at Seton hospital which is in a restricted flight area. I'm optimistic that changes can be made.

I appreciate the information you provided in your post John and am so happy to know that I am not alone in the misery. Lol. That sounds bad, but truly I am now more optimistic because there is more strength in numbers and if we can all find a way to work together, I think we have a better chance of making something happen. Seal, can you think of a way we could all work on this together perhaps offline (or whatever is best for everyone?)

There is an active back and forth conversation on "Next Door Neighbor" in Montara, Moss Beach, Princeton and Miramar. If a group surfaces, I'll let you know.

Yes, i am on it snd posted tonight. Thank you

Thanks John! :-)

Now, about that foghorn...

Coasters: That is a load of b.s. Foghorns are appropriate, and more importantly, they actually serve a function. Private planes (like the @$$hole that just flew L O U D L Y over my house!), OTOH, are absolutely superfluous... a rich person's hobby/pastime. Total cr@p, actually. Especially since they do not need to fly out over the Moss Beach housing but could easily turn before the end of the "Half Moon Bay" airport property line.

a rich person's hobby/pastime

My dear father-in-law worked 2 jobs so he could fly his Cessna.

Long live the airport, the pilots and touch-n-go's!!!

Coasters: Which certainly doesn't excuse the rudeness of the vast majority of private pilots flying over Moss Beach housing with their un-mufflered plane's throttle full open, when they could easily rotate clockwise over the artichoke fields prior to going over our housing.

Your father-in-law was/is an anomaly, and a committed pilot. Kudos. But if he didn't/doesn't turn before flying over Moss Beach housing, he's rude.

Oh wait, maybe that's him now? At about 300 feet...

Some of the patients at Seton Hospital on the Coastside are WW II and Korean War Veterans, and the airplanes's noise and proximity make them nervous. The planes flying over the hospital on Etheldore St. and Marine are in a restricted air zone. I think some of these pilots might be student pilots whose teachers come from San Carlos and don't know the restricted air spaces.

Seal: If what you're guessing is true, then the operative word = teachers. Appropriate adjective = ignorant. Sum? Not teaching anything but how not to get your required knowledge prior to going up into the air. Very sad.

I suspect it's a combination of what you're saying and some very callous people...

Seal. I find the Airport one of the many things I like about the coastside.

I did a little history reading and found out Half Moon Bay Airport has always been a training airport. Actually, I read the airplanes years ago were far louder than today.

Since you live in Half Moon Bay and the Half Moon Bay airport is in Moss Beach what's your problem? I spend quite a lot of time in Half Moon Bay and don't even notice any airplane noise so I'm curious why you seem to be so uptight over an airport in Moss Beach that's been there since 1942.

And finally, I've been told that folks who bought houses in Moss Beach and Montara were informed they were in a airport traffic area. I guess since you're in Half Moon Bay you were never told that.

Up until line four April you were courteous while making your remarks. I volunteer at Seton Hospital on the Coastside in Moss Beach. Now go back and reread my entry.

Reading history again, I found out Seton Coastside was built after the airport had been in operation for decades.

Sorry Seal.

None of what you say April, is pertinent... well, except that you like the HMB airport being in Moss Beach. What's pertinent is the fact that most of the pilots (way more than 95%), instead of turning prior to the end of the airport and then never fly over any houses, fly out to at least California Ave. before beginning their clockwise turn. Then they fly up and over Moss Beach Heights and THEN fly out over Brussels sprouts fields.

April, I will try to inform you about PTSD. Aircraft flying over a critical Care facility is against the law. On the HMB airport map the hospital is in a restricted fly zone. Many of our veterans who live at Seton Hospital react negatively to aircraft flying over. These veterans were in our nation's wars.

Seal, I apologize for not understanding what you were saying. Are you saying that the planes have to go out over Moss Beach because of Seton Coastside? Not sure I understand that at all. I'm saying that there's at least one pilot who manages to make his/her turn prior to any Moss Beach involvement (well, maybe the horse ranch at the south end, and directly out over the Brussels sprouts fields.

No way do I want to cause difficulty for any person(s), hospitalized or not, so I'm sure not suggesting that the planes fly over Seton instead of Moss Beach housing... I'm suggesting, and have been since 1986, that they fly over no housing at all.

At least every year this topic comes up, and every time it does, the same group of people refuse to listen to those who live with the airplane noise created by pilots who don't follow the rules. They keep repeating the same mantra, "well, you knew there was an airport here when you moved in, so stop complaining!" As has been explained so many times, the complaint is not against the airport; the complaint is against pilots who do not follow the rules. All we are asking for is for pilots to follow the rules. (Did I say "follow the rules" enough times?) The noise defenders understand this perfectly. Why do they keep repeating their mantra then, you might ask? Well, I'm not sure. Either they are the ones breaking the rules or our society is so polarized and see things only in black and white (perhaps because of our political culture) that any criticism of anything remotely related to the airport is an attack on the airport and a threat to the existence of the airport. In my opinion, the pilots who break the rules are more of a threat to the existence of the airport than anyone who has a noise complaint. That's all for now, until this topic comes up again in a few months and the same comments are made over again without any understanding or resolution. Have a great day! And happy flying!

There is a report printed on the back of the air passes restricted by small and commercial places. The man at the airport gave it to me. The noise abatement zones and procedures are indicated on the map above the airport and its corridors. I suggest people familarize themselves with this published document before Gretchen SM Co. airport manager) holds her meeting in November. She is waiting for Don Horsley available dates. As I interpret this map there are restricted flight areas. Among the procedures are: No turns until reaching 500'MSL, No stop and goes, No flights over the hospital, maintain 1,000 until necessary to descend for landing, and a half dozen other noise abatement procedures. I think the lines of communication need to improve.

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