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Classified Section?

I'm new in town and I miss my local neighborhood.com which is in newsletter form and categorized by geographical area. I sold some furniture, attended a garage sale and made some new fiends on that site. TalkAbout is the closest and so far only thing even remotely resembling such a newsletter. If there is a classified section I have not found it.

I could really use some muscle around my new apartment at Lesley Gardens but have no idea where to turn. The local Pennysaver in Hayward, now extinct had a section called Rent-a-husband. Why don't we have something like that here?


Hi Monica, welcome to Half Moon Bay. Have you tried NextDoor.com? It's a friendly site where your neighbors exchange information, recommendations, sell items, etc.

Web Link

Hi Monica.

You're more than welcome to put a call out for help on talkabout. Either here or an alternate version here: Web Link

If it classifieds your looking for, you can find them here: Web Link

Or, of course, the good old-fashioned paper version printed every week in the newspaper. There is a section dedicated to home services.

Good luck, and welcome.

2 friendly message answers above this one! Where did that "thumbs up" go?

Thanks all for your good idea. I will follow up on those links and the Nextdoor suggestions soonest, just not right this minute.

I have one question: What thumbs up!

Oh, and where is the printed paper available? Is it a daily?

Again, thanks for your good ideas. And by the way, in addition to muscle I need help assembling a computer chair which, of course, came in a box. So not so much muscle as manual dexterity.

Monica, the HMB Review is a weekly newspaper that comes out on Wednesdays at news stands. The contents of the weekly issue are published online on Thursdays.

The "thumbs up" is a symbol of approval that is available on the new version of Talkabout. You posted on the Legacy version of Talkabout.

Welcome to HMB.

Web Link

Hi again Monica,

If you're a senior you might contact the Senior Coastsiders in HMB. This is a vibrant and dedicated group of local movers and shakers with lots of practical resources.

OK I followed the link to the newspaper but there was no category to git my needs. I read with interest the part about Coastside Seniors and have in fact already added my name to the membership roster. Getting them to help is a great idea. Thanks. The nextdoor.com idea is great. I actually belong to a group in San Lorenzo and until I detach myself from that, which I do not know how to do, whenever I put nextdoor into my computer it puts me back to San Lorenzo. I will keep trying to change over to this area. I'm really grateful for all the ideas and suggestions and thanks for the warm welcome.

Just reviewing my comments about finding help. I did joint next.door coastside and it is fantastic. Went to a meeting hosted by AFOG last night and was enlightened. I did join Coastside Seniors and am planning to start a tenant association at Lesley Gardens to put neighbors in touch with each other, face to face. Many older people are not so computer savvy. I did find a neighbor to help me with the computer chair and decided to leave the book case where it stands so no more muscle needed. BUT leaving the meeting last night in the dark, I noticed the complete absence of any lighting between the building entrance and across the walk way to the parking lot. Even in the parking lot there was inadequate lighting. Who is in charge of safety in that complex? I noticed the Sheriff is located there. Do they not come and go after dark? The whole thing is a mystery to me. This is a safety issue which needs to be addressed. NOW.

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