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Ailanto Properties Pacific Ridge Successfully Works with the HMB Community to Alleviate Construction Traffic Issue

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Web Link

Many thanks to the folks at Ailanto Properties Pacific Ridge for working with ALL those involved in the Half Moon Bay community to alleviate a major construction traffic issue on Terrace Avenue and in the Terrace/Silver/Highland area.

Ref: Web Link

Jerry Steinberg

Cc: John Ward, Owners Rep.

Lucy Lopez – Terrace Avenue

Stephanie Rexing – California Coastal Commission

Debbie Ruddock – HMB City Council

Lt. John Munsey – County of San Mateo Sheriffs Office


Fantastic job Jerry!!

It's amazing what can be accomplished when people sit down at the table with an intent and a desire to work things out for the benefit of everyone...

Congrats to everyone involved!


Much appreciation to all who had a role in this wise, cooperative decision!


Update - June, 2016

The onsite ground is drying and Ailanto plans on paving streets for phase one (19 homes) near middle to end of June. They will continue to use Lewis Foster Drive and road behind the High School for large material trucks.

For more info go to:

Web Link


Web Link

Jerry Steinberg

Update June 9, 2016

Apparent recent Listing for SALE Pacific Ridge (Red Hawk Ct.)

Of First phase of building sites (graded land/home site pads/utilities/streets and sidewalks).


Because the legacy edition of "Talkabout" does not always copy a two line URL into a Web Link (e.g. the web link shown below...

you can google for announcement by searching for:

"Sale of red hawk pacific ridge in Half Moon Bay California"

OR give the web link below a try!

Go to:

Web Link

It appears unknown the start of home construction would begin.

Jerry Steinberg

Update:- July 27,2016

Ailanto is projecting that Phase 1 (19 lots) including streets, sidewalks, street lights, storm and sewer systems will be accepted by the City of Half Moon Bay by late August or mid-September.

No indication when construction of homes may start.

The project is up for sale as noted in previous update.

Economic conditions and the viability of this project are unclear.

Go to Web Link:

Web Link

for more info.

Jerry Steinberg

Update September 6, 2016

1. City of Half Moon Bay has resubmitted to CalTrans proposed modifications to Highway 1 previously turned down including signal light in the vicinity of Terrace Avenue.

For more information go to:

Web Link

2. Two issues still being raised concerning any Traffic Light at Terrace are:

A. Will the development of homes on the portion of Beachwood Property bordering Highway 1 affect the installation of a stoplight at Terrace?

B. Will the proposal to build 140 homes on the Podesta Property (corner of North Main street and Highway 1) and the installation of a traffic light at Lewis Foster Drive affect the proposed traffic light at Terrace Avenue?

On August 19, 2016 - Ailanto Properties reporting "The 19 lot Phase 1 paving was completed on Wednesday 8/17/16. Street signs and street striping will be completed soon. We expect the phase 1 improvements, including streets, sidewalks, streetlights, storm drain and sewer systems to be accepted by the City of Half Moon Bay in September."

Jerry Steinberg

Update = September 20, 2016 - Ailanto progress letter - For more information go to:

Web Link

Just an Observation - Inorder to lighten the traffic on Highway 1, the Ailanto construction team led by Melvin Dixon has successfully negotiated with the HMB High School the use of Lewis Foster Drive

(a private street owned by the school district) ... it appears it would have been helpful if the school district had been part of the original "settlement agreement".

Jerry Steinberg

Update - November 10, 2016 –The first phase of the Pacific Ridge Development to build 19 homes has apparently been sold by Ailanto Properties for $9,500,000.

Appears that Ailanto Properties still retains development ownership for the remaining phases of 44 homes.

For more information go to-

Web Link

Jerry Steinberg

Update December 1, 2016 -

1. Edenbridge Homes purchases first 19 lots in Pacific Ridge from Ailanto Properties.

For more information go to -

Web Link

2. Ailanto November 28, 2016 update on Pacific Ridge progress -

For more information go to -

Web Link

Jerry Steinberg

Update: January 13, 2017 – Notice of Edenbridge Introduction Meeting –

Types of questions to be discussed:

1. Will all the 19 homes be as originally approved size of 4000 to 4700 sq ft?

2. Are all the homes be built at once during the next 2 years?

3. To not interfere with traffic on neighborhood streets will building materials be brought in through Lewis Foster Drive and the road behind the High School? …and coordinated with Ailanto’s work on grading phase 2 and 3?

4. Are all construction workers vehicles to be parked on site and not on neighborhood streets?

For more info Go to:

Web Link

Jerry Steinberg

Notes on Edenbridge Homes Meeting:-

It appears that Edenbridge homes has not fully considered the safety aspect of running many large trucks carrying building materials (large roof trusses, building lumber, concrete, drywall etc.) for 2 or more years of construction of phase one 19 homes per their plans.

The ingress and egress safety for the existing 240 homes (Highland neighborhood) is by a local street which will be impacted for 2 or more years by phase 1 of Edenbridge construction of nineteen homes.

They have indicated that they would be interested in the building of phase 2 and 3 homes, (for a total of 63 homes) which would appear to indicate safety issues would extend up to 6 or more years…depending on weather and other construction restraints.

It would appear that it would be helpful for all involved (safety/liability) if they discussed the use of entry from Lewis Foster and the road behind the high school with the school board.

Also good planning with Ailanto properties to limit the use of Terrace during Ailanto’s grading/culvert work on phases 2 and 3.

Edenbridge indicated they would post architecture photos on their website and distribute to the neighbors a detailed estimate of large loaded trucks that would be required to complete the phase 1 homes.

Jerry Steinberg

Update May 22, 2017 - Phase 1 (19 homes) to start 6/1/2017

Disappointing/Discouraging letter from Edenbridge Home builders.

1. Appears that no attempt was made to work with school district to use Lewis Foster Drive and road behind High School as Ailanto Contractors have been using.

2.No estimate yet of large loaded trucks required to complete the phase 1 homes, as discussed at Edenbridge info meeting.

3.No SAFETY information on (Flagman/Signage/ingress/egress Hwy 1/Terrace.

4.Only SAFETY comment in their letter (link below) is to maintain “slow speeds and avoid parking on Terrace” .

5.The speed limit on Terrace is 25 mph…will it be officially monitored, to allow for residents of 240 Highland homes to navigate?

Assume its better to be impacted by multiple slow moving 30 ton trucks…than ones moving faster.

For more info letter go to:-

Web Link

Jerry Steinberg

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