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Yogi is Gone, But Never Forgotten

I have heard Yogi's name and quips all my life. Yogi Berra, a legendary baseball great, was also just great. He is now gone, but never forgotten.

In his honor, I's like to post a couple of stories on Yogi, starting with this one; "One of the greatest Yogi Berra stories you may have never heard", Web Link

Rather than ruin it, read it for yourself; outstanding, and just another example of Yogi, the man.

Here's another one: "Some of the more widely quoted philosophy of Yogi Berra", Web Link

Most of us have heard Yogi's precious sayings, but it doesn't hurt to see some of them again.

RIP Yogi, and Thanks.


I was a Yankee fan in a family of Dodger lovers. Yogi was the greatest bad-ball hitting, curve ball throwing catcher in the history of baseball. The image of Yogi leaping into the arms of Don Larsen after the perfect World Series game in 1956 was banned from our household by my Dodger loving father.

Memories from an era when baseball players were Gods

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