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Sad story about the CFO of Livermore National Labs. It's time for the elected CA crooks in Sacramento to revisit making it mandatory to take driving tests for people 70+. It's not age discrimination, it's just reality, and before you ask, I'm less than 2 years away... yep, I'm down to 97 garbage pickup days until I turn 70 :(

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* too old to drive safely


It's tough to give-up that last bit of undependence. Pop just renewed his license at 90 and he has 5 yrs before the DMV checks the eye that ain't blind to see if he can still drive. After 80, it should be yearly, IMHO.

Independence! Though I'm liking "undependence".

Tough to transition from the "independent generation" to the "depends generation" .

There are few things which are more representative of our personal freedom than our drivers license so we all know how hard it is to give it up. Unfortunately, time takes its toll on all, so in the name of safety of others driving after the age of 75 should be prohibited just as is driving before the age of 16.

BB: not sure it needs to be a blanket prohibition... just the "right" amount of testing. There's a bunch of folks >75 quite capable of driving... Maybe not at the speed limit, or even ±5mph of the speed limit, not dangerous otherwise ;)

OTOH a 16 year old hasn't the concept of "others", mainly me, me, me, so they're definitely a dangerous population to set free on the roadways (I was one a long time ago and CA REALLY screwed up letting me drive then... and I got the speeding ticket and license suspension to prove it!).

OTOH... if you're not even going to ticket/de-license a person who crashes their car into a building... well, Off with their heads!

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"In a similar incident, six hours after the Livermore accident, an 81-year-old woman drove into a Ukiah post office building, mistaking her gas pedal for the brake. No one was injured, and the driver was not cited"

Notice in the article that the solution is not to test elderly drivers, but to up the technology so they (most likely) won't be a danger to themselves of the rest of us. I'm all for self-driving vehicles, but until they're here, "Off with their heads!"

BTW: incident vrs. accident... a deep kettle of fish, for sure!

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