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A Story Worth Reading

The news is filled with so much bad news that we almost become numb to it ... and we watch it anyway.

Here's a story that lifted my spirits and hopefully will lift yours: "Principals’ Door-to-Door Crusade to Bring Back School Dropouts", Web Link

Education is the most important thing a person can do/get in life, imho. After all is said and done, a good education can and will provide options / open doors that would otherwise not be available. The world is such a competitive place. If we are to compete and live a quality life, education is a must, and the more the merrier.

From this piece: "In a coordinated outreach to teens who’ve stopped attending class, Texas’s Rudder High School principals go to the former students’ homes in person and offer them whatever help they need to come back and graduate."

"Rudder High’s dropout prevention specialist Andrea Williams tells Yahoo Parenting that the face-to-face outreach program, now in it’s sixth year, gives educators a broader perspective of what’s going on in students’ lives that’s stopping them from pursuing their education. “Is it a shelter situation?” she asks. “Problems at home? Some of these kids [who are parents themselves] need childcare and don’t know where to go or are embarrassed about it and don’t know how to ask for help until you’re in their living room talking with them. We have programs to help with all of these issues, but if kids don’t know where to start, they’re not going to do it.”

Situations differ, but this shows kids that somebody cares. More often than not, that is the key point, and a driving factor to get these kids back and save them from a very poor life quality (for the vast majority of them).

This is a feel good story. I feel better after reading it and I'm sure the kids being called back do to.


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