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No Bullying

I had cause to stop by the CUSD office yesterday. I was in the lobby and to my surprise, I noticed some handouts in a rack. One of them got my attention - and seemed very timely. I grabbed a copy and brought it home. It is 3 pages (2 front and back & a 'cover page').

The cover page said it all. The top third of the page has the word "Bullying" on it encased by a circle with a line through it - the universal sign for No Bullying.

The bottom 2/3rds of the page define Bullying as follows:

"Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior that hurts another person physically or emotionally."

"Bullying may include (but it not limited to) these types of behavior:"

"* Physical Hurtful: fighting, hitting, kicking, shoving, spitting and taking or damaging the property of others."

"* Emotional Hurtful: derogatory comments, mean spirited accusations or taunts, name calling, teasing, lies or rumors, social exclusion, peer pressure, threats or coercion, mean-spirited drawings or graffiti, and racial, ethnic, or sexual stereotyping."

"* Cyber (by cell phone or internet): any of the emotionally hurtful types of bullying listed above, spread by text, email, Facebook, or other social media."

The next pages cite "Cabrillo USD Board Policy / Bullying / BP 5131.2 / Students (Pages 260-263 listed).

I have to wonder if this handout could be forwarded to the Current Council majority for their reading pleasure? Would it do any good? Should the City adopt a similar Policy? And would City leadership then follow their own Policy?


Back in 2012 the City Council passed a "code of responsibility" for the Council. Mayor Fraser was a signatory of the document. This code is supposed to be displayed prominently at all City Council meetings. One of the codes reads as follows:

"Refraining from abusive conduct, verbal attacks upon the character or motives of other councilmembers, boards, commissions, staff or the public"

The time has come for the Mayor to "woman up" and resign.

easy be victim this days. any can do.

There are multiple 'violations' of CUSD Board Policy on bullying by Fraser:

* "Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior that hurts another person physically or emotionally."

* "derogatory comments"

* "mean spirited accusations or taunts"

* "name calling"

* "lies or rumors"

* "threats or coercion"

This behavior, coming from the Mayor of HMB, is unacceptable, period. There is No excuse.

When compounded with the fact that the HMB City Manager has yet to be challenged on her $4.5 Million missed opportunity by this Council - which this action by Fraser seems to cover up through mis-direction, it all seems to add up to one very large and very ugly mess - and it all stems directly from this Council.

One can only wonder and ask - why?

The surest sign that someone's over their head is child-like behavior and that includes bullying.

It's a Deja Vu from the days of the Fire Board Recall when KEEP CAL FIRE SIGNS WERE DISAPPEARING and one of the Recallees showed up at Safeway with some Volunteer Fire Fighter Buddies to "Intimidate" the legal signature Gatherers.

That, on camera at least, seemed to be what Mayor Fraser intended to do when she left the dias without actually adjourning the meeting, and requested a word with an audience member, citizen George Mueteff off camera outside. What was the protocol for such an abrupt interuption of the meeting?

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