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Tonight's CC Follies- The Haiku

So in an attempt to be creative, insightful, and novel I'm going to start a contest here: We'll call it the September 15th CC Meeting Haiku Contest. Winner gets a medallion presented by Mayor Marina Fraser in Mac Dutra Park. (Crap, I mean Plaza...)

To get things rolling I'm going to take the first whack trusting that others will follow with more compelling and useful attempts to describe what happened tonight.

Here's my offering:

Simples Buy TeeVees

Super-Greats Build Libraries

Mayor Steps Outside

Here is another one- albeit on a different topic:

City Manager

Speaks Untruthfully

The Truth Will Prevail

Have fun-



Speaks untruthfully is only 5 syllables! You need two more. This is a 5 7 5 pattern right? I'll work on one tomorrow...too late, brain on hold!


Not from around here?

Feel like a tool to stupid?

Imagine Muteff.

Words burn like hot tea

Mayor waits implacably

Time now to rumble

Uff- you've got a hidden talent there!!

Here's my latest:


Work great for us in the past

Why don't it work now

TIGER grant is gone

Who needs a tiger anyway

Look! New Library

Mayor dislikes Muteff

Muteff spoke out of line

Is this Crystal Nacht

Small town politics

Make for strange bedfellows

and pillow fighters

City Manager

Buck stops with you chickypoo

Staff runs from the bus

Good ones!

Tsumani sweeps in

Foul waters must now recede

Nice girl swept away.

Whoops, misspelled tsunami. Must be lysdexic.

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