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Holy Cow!! The Mayor Just Stopped Tonight's City Council Meeting to Assault a Citizen!!

Dateline HMB, September 15, 2015:

Approximately an hour and 15 minutes into tonight's City Council meeting George Muteff spoke at Public Comment. Towards the end of the comment he mentioned that it would be nice if someone would address what had happened to our City Clerk. (Ms Smith had been given an award for Transparency in Government by AFOG a few minutes earlier.)

After sitting down, and after approximately a minute, Farmer John made a gesture at Mayor Fraser while muttering under his breath and the Mayor called an impromptu break- which no one even realized until everyone was looking at her as she was striding across the floor- at which point she let everyone know we were on break.

She can be seen on the video bending down and asking George to step outside so she could have a word with him. They step out the kitchen exit and as they depart people joke about George being in trouble with the mayor!!

A minute or so goes by, raised voices are heard, and then... "The Mayor just put her hands on me, and I'm thinking about filing a report." (This from Muteff who has returned to the room and is once again in front of the camera.) Muller runs over and directs the Sheriff Lt. to get them apart- except Muteff is leaving, and there is no one to separate.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Muteff tried to leave the conversation and the Mayor grabbed him by the arm- pulling him back in an attempt to prevent him from leaving.

To summarize: The Mayor literally stopped a City Council meeting so that she could go Mr Muteff while clearly looking for a confrontation. Suffice it to say that she got one.

The video is a must see: Web Link

What an amazing little hamlet we reside in!!

Reporting live from a safer place: Prometheus Wojtisniewskie


OK, wait a minute. What you describe sounds strange to be sure. George can speak for himself. And I'll ask both principals tomorrow what happened from their perspectives.

But what you describe doesn't sound like assault, does it? I'm going to stop this one before it gets going. I think the hyperbole is a bit over the top until we learn more.

Thanks for understanding.

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