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Live-Blogging the September 15th City Council Meeting...

For pure entertainment value I'm going to live-blog the meeting tonight in this thread. If nothing else it should be entertaining!!

See you in an hour or so,



One minute to go!!


A streaker just ran through the building!!

Kidding already... (Just making sure we've got your attention!!)

Modern technology is Great!! Rick is in Singapore but telconferencing in!!

How will we know if he stands for the pledge of allegiance??

Coolest Pledge of Allegiance ever!!

Troop 141 rocks!!

Ohhhh... Another special treat...

From the library...


Dr. Chu is now telling us about "the world we want"- a public art project that just went up at the library.

Oh Joy!!

Mayor Fraser has been asked to share her input.

"Ordinary people buy big tv's. Extraordinary people build libraries."

I kid you not.

I guess that means Mayor Fraser has a 13" TV and is obviously very proud of herself for building a new library!!

Closed session report: Hr Committee made a few decisions- which will be reported to the full Council at some time in the future...

Now we get Council reports- and to be fair to everyone I'm not oging to comment on any of them.

Here's your chance gang!!


Three down, two to go...

One to go!!

Marina is almost done, and next up: Council Requests...

The past two meetings have seen this item, ahem, passed over, so we'll see how this one goes this time!!

Mayor Frasier doesn't miss a chance to co-opt a genuine gesture geared towards a global message with local politics

Aww c'mon gadfly- she was just pointing out, well, nevermind...

Still sharing time...


stream interrupted?

Woohoo!! we're through and off to the light side!!

Penrose is asking about the increased traffic on weekends. (We're in Council Requests now...)

She wants Staff to agendize an item for discussion and possible actions...

And so the tripartite "No elephants here" coalition will be tested!!

And the vote will be...

Well we need to wait for it- Marina is sharing: "Only so much you can do with that."

Ruddock jumps in- backing up Penrose's request for an agendized item at an upcoming meeting. "Steps we can take..."

Sometimes you can just tell that Ruddock has spent her career in State government. She gets planning, processes, and large-scale stuff in a way that is really precious.

And now...

The vote....

Or, no vote.

Muller says "If I were king we could solve this problem.."

Well OK then!!

Lady behind me is muttering at Mr. Muller. No idea who she is, but a pretty funny running commentary...

Penrose asks again that we bring it up at our next council meeting. "The sooner we do it the better."

Fraser is not buying it. Magda just told us its impossible.

So there!!

"We'll do what we can..."

Vice Mayor Kowalczyk has some comments... "We do not need to rush and put this at the next Council Meeting."

So there!!

Silly Doc trying to bring up stuff- and Rick complains about the process that he came up with back in January!!


On to Penrose Item II:

Full Spanish translation of everything that the City puts out.

This should be interesting!!

unity, action, inclusion,

Dr. Penrose is perfect.


Penrose is making her case: "Our City needs to be responsive to 30 percent of the population..."

Not agendized, but a promise to bring stuff back...

And now CM updates!!

Finally the TIGER Grant gets explained!!

Drumroll please!!

She will do it slowly so it is easy to follow.

Thanks Magda!!

4/3 DOT Announces TIGER grant availability.

Pre-applicaiton due on 5-5, final app due on 6-5.

And she is off to the Duns number. Uh oh...

She is totally making crap up now. She is offering that we had to apply for a DUNS number- which we already had at that time, ditto for a SAM CAGE number.

Now she is back into April- going through the timeline.

She is making up stuff about renewing the DUNS number and the SAM number, and claims that this began in late April (If I heard her correctly...)

May 5th Pre-application is submitted.

And she skips ahead to June 3rd.

She maintains that SAM was not complete yet.

She is completely full of BS- and we've got the documents to prove it.

She also identifies that the process began in April- but they didn't finish it in time.

We need to see all of the emails she is referencing in this thread of explanation.

I can't keep up- you will have to watch the video to see it all...

All I can say is wow. Magda Gonzalez just went on record- making numerous demonstrably false statements- the question now is what do we do from here... (Not going to be answered tonight obviously...)

Wow. Just wow.

They are into the Measure J explanation- which is oddly of no interest to me personally. What they did was completely legal, totally scuzzy, and not worth arguing about at this point.

Except to note that the Measure J Oversight committee is a complete crock of BS.

But more on that later I'm guessing...

Kudos to Yulia Carter. She knows what she is doing. Only problem is she has so many broken pieces to pull back together that she has her work cut out for her...

She has concluded her presentation.

Harvey Rarback steps to the plate...

Harvey: AFOG is very concerned that public officials are respectful of the public.."

Thanks (sort of) the City Manager for finally responding...

He's taking her explanation at face value- I guess I need to fill him in on the details...

Now he's on to the Measure J oversight committee...

He's accurately describing the Measure J "oversight" committee. Too much to write here...

Now Up: Nona Lanter- she's starting on a positive note...

She wants help in HMB for the smoking here. (Cigarette)

In her words: "This is becoming a toxic city..."

I'm actually confused- now she's on the traffic being toxic.

"We need to look at second-hand smoke. It's appaling to me the people who stand out and smoke..."

I guess her heart is in the right place, but still not completely seeing it...

Mrs. R.A. Wilkerson.

OK, I'm sensing a trend.

"I'm here regarding the smoking issue."

She's frustrated because there is no specific code enforcement for violators- over the past year and a half- fire alarms are going off...

She asks for the City to adopt ordinances which would allow enforcement locally. Good idea!!

Missed the next gentleman's name. Topic is the same as the previous two people.





anyone that moved here after 2001- leave

problem solved

Doreen Gerrity steps to the plate...

Everybody duck!! :)

President of Advocates for Open Government...

Speaking for the entire organization tonight...

Describes AFOG's mission statement..

"It is crucial to recognize those individuals who represent the best principles..."

Siobhan Smith...

Looks like Siobhan Smith is getting an award for representing the City of HMB in the most professional ways possible.

Sorry- can't keep up. Watch this if you can!!

Fire Gonzalez

AFOG's inaugural award for Transparency in Govt. (Or something like that...)

George Muteff accepts the award in her honor.

Odd, Siobhan isn't here.

And... Silence from the Council.

Hmmm. They are usually in a huge hurry to praise Staff. I wonder what has happened in this case???

Thank you Ms. Smith

Amazing work and 15 administrations


Another gentleman whose name I didn't get- sorry trying to keep up.

He's speaking of the issues with evictions as a result of a lack of rent-control.

I'm glad he is bringing this issue to the public's attention.

The ubiquitous Pam Fisher steps to the plate!!

OK, not going to even try to keep up with her- she's off and running!!

Comments about the library meeting from Sunday...

Great comments actually- just no chance in hell that I will be able to keep up.

Well worth a look if you are watching. She just crammed more useful info into three minutes than I ever could have imagined!!

Time's Up!!

Finally Mr. the Baptist (John Ullom) steps to the plate!!

Speaks to population decreases affecting the library going forward...

"There are a lot of people in this town that cannot afford to live here."

He's exactly right...

And we're done with public comment- and I'm done with this meeting...

Oops- George Muteff was skipped over- but Marina cuts him a break...

"Hurry Up!!"

So he's hurrying!!

He's addressing the TIGER grant debacle...

Heading home- I hear a beer calling my name, and a wife pleading for help putting kids to bed...

Wonk, you missed the highlife of the night when the mayor attacked George Muteff.

Oh no I didn't!! I was totally there...

Web Link

Signing off,


I lurked here for a month. Reviewed past posts, etc. Then started commenting here and there. The discourse is often heated, and devolves into something other than the original topic. Such is the nature of this type of media.

In my time here though, I held on to my original belief that you wanted to help and we're a leader in this community. That people listen to you.

This thread is not the dialog of a leader. This does nothing to help the community or provide focus on topics at hand.

If this is the only way that people have access to the goings on at a City Council meeting,snd they are counting on you to explain, the message is clear.....even you, the most outspoken and effective of our residents, isn't interested in bring a community together.

We need leaders who will rise above all this crap, and represent unbiased, the needs of it's citizens....above all.

The title of this thread would either interest you, or not.

If it does, you would I suppose read the first post by the writer of the title to the thread.

So in other words,

the writer of the title to the thread will be the writer of the first post contained therein.

The point is the very first post,

the one in which a posit is made and illuminated,


the author writes:

"for pure entertainment..."

Perryirmar, don't take yourself or this platform so seriously.

It is after all a thread whose chief stated purpose was and is

"for pure entertainment"

You make a great point. At the same time, this is sort of serious stuff. That's why I asked earlier if the purpose of this forum was satire in an earlier thread.

I was told no.

I have nothing against poking fun. But you can't have it both ways.

My point I guess is, this could be an remarkable platform, instead of

A center ring.

I still hope to contribute, and totally get a community sense of humor is important.

Thank you all for the time and over explaining you've had to give me.

Still scratching my head at mayor rotation.

Hi perryirmar,

>>>This thread is not the dialog of a leader.<<<

You may well be right. It was written from the point of view of a rogue in the peanut gallery, and it was intended as a fairly light-hearted satire/humor piece, that is at least as accurate as it can be.

>>>This does nothing to help the community or provide focus on topics at hand.<<<

Actually I think it does help the community. Last night's meeting (Before the Mayor's contretemps) was to be a dry, droll exercise, and if my thread disseminated just a small part of what happened to a wider audience then so be it. Further- CC meetings are (as a rule) incredibly boring, filled with self congratulatory nonsense from the dais, and are thus almost painful for most people to attend or watch. Thus having a sense of humor about them is actually not a bad thing at all. (You go to two years of meetings and then re-read this thread- I think then you will understand a little more why it is more appropriate than you may think.)

perryirmar- TA is not a monolithic entity, all good, or all bad, all serious or all follies and silliness. I posted yesterday about the Valley Fire- it was an intensely serious post, one that took the time to try to humanize the impact of what is happening just 90 miles away from us. Last night I obviously posted a light-hearted live-blog that was intended as nothing more than an accompaniment if you were watching the stream online, or a quick (and obviously tongue in cheek) recap if you were curious as to what (if anything) had happened.

TA can be anything you want it to be. If you write and engage people in a respectful way they will engage with you- if you don't then they won't. Either way you are completely free to write whatever you want- which is the beauty of this forum.

Finally: You probably already know that I ran for election last year- and one thing I can tell you is that if I had been elected and was up there last night- I would have absolutely no issues with another community member doing his or her own live-blogging exercise in whatever form it took. In fact I'd actually encourage it as it would be one more avenue in which the public could interact with our local government- and with each other. Not everything needs to be super-serious and if I say something inane or funny then people are well-entitled to have fun with it.

Cheers- I hope you choose to stick around!!


DCE, honestly, I meant what I said. I get and certainly enjoy the humor.

My thinking here is that when you get rolling, you have a crap ton to say that makes sense.

You make an effort to be the voice that rises above it all.....then this. Always directed at the cc, no matter the topic.

The entertainment value is huge....but it comes at the expense of a bit of credibility. You get what I mean?

You are doing nothing wrong, and people seem to enjoy the discourse.

I know I've learned stuff and laughed. I just don't know if I would have voted for you. At the end of the day, that's what matters here.

>>>I just don't know if I would have voted for you.<<<

Great thought- and worthwhile too!! I think given your participation you would have watched the debates- and given those events you hopefully would have made an informed choice- and whatever it would have been I would have totally respected it and been OK with it.

Whatever else may be said it is the case that I've been very consistent since I entered into the fray, and (perhaps despite that fact) 1300 people still voted for me- just 80 or so less than one incumbent and 40 less than the other. For better or worse I'm different, and some people get that and think it is a good thing, others get it and think its a bad thing. But no matter what I promised myself that I was going to be who I am- I'm not going to modify myself to make me more presentable, or simply popular- for purposes of getting elected.

As Popeye said "I am Who I Am!!"

Thanks again for your thoughtful input. I may not connect with you on every issue, but I appreciate your passion and willingness to get involved and to speak your mind.


If this were ANY workplace the Mayor would be DISALLOWED from entering the premises again.

In addition, the perp might be prosecuted and any conviction would look really bad on their DOJ background check.

A conviction for violence always always means preclusion from Federal employment.

I guess being mayor fluffy has its advantage...

perryirmar- Bernie Sanders did the same thing for tonight's debate.

Web Link

We really should never take ourselves too seriously- for a pretty serious guy I try to remember that once in a while.

Cheers- and g'night,


I agree in general. But, (again....the but....sorry)

You are making fun of the very things you express disdain that others are not taking seriously. That's my general point.

I'll make a deal with you. Let's revisit this in 2016.

I can guarantee you that the next president will not be the one who was most entertaining.

If I'm wrong, I promise to eat George's flip phone!

Hillary Clinton is the most entertaining by a long shot. Glad you won't have the eat that phone, DCE.

Back to the topic at hand. I am sorry George was treated like that but he came out the winner as whatever Marina Fraser was thinking when she called him out backfired badly on her.

She owes George and HMB citizens a public apology.

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