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The Other Side of The Coin

There has been much discussion on law enforcement and it has not been flattering. This isn't flattering either, but this one represents the other side of the coin.

"Driver Pulled Over For Speeding Tells Deputy: 'No Wonder You People Get Shot!'", Web Link

It seems somebody is having a bad day. From the piece: "A Florida woman who was pulled over for speeding told the traffic cop: “No wonder you people get shot.”"

"The woman was pulled over on September 1 for traveling 51mph in a 20mph school zone, the sheriff’s office said."

"Dashcam video shows an officer approaching her car before the woman can be heard saying: “No wonder you people get shot, you’re absolute a**holes!”"

"The deputy responds: “Okay, thank you ma’am.”" It's all on video (dash cam).

And have a nice day.


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