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A Soulless and Heartless Expanse of Baby-Poo Brown Ugliness and Sterility…

(This is a re-post of an earlier attempt (two actually) to post this on the new forum. I've given up for the moment trying to get it to appear there, so it goes here for now. We can move it over once they get things squared away there.)

Our family just went to the Mac Dutra Park, oops, I mean Plaza Grand Opening. (Full disclosure- I was instrumental in the effort to preserve the artwork from the old park- an effort that failed pretty much completely…)

I’m posting this thread now because I think the new Plaza makes the case for what we’ve got here in HMB, and where we could go in the future- if we wanted to do so.

The old Mac Dutra Park was in serious need of some tender-loving care before it was destroyed. But the reality is it could have been upgraded for far less than $100,000 and in the process HMB’s vibrant community history would have been preserved for the future. It was completely functional, offering maybe 40 people seating and tables to eat their lunches at, to play chess or checkers at, or just to hang out at, and it was covered in citizen created artwork- which was destroyed by bulldozers the day the project started.

Instead the majority decided to destroy and start anew, and we now have a sanitary and sparse poo-brown monstrosity (with a sad terra-cotta fountain that looks like it was made from a pot purchased at Home Depot) which is as soulless as it is possible for a manmade construct to be. The seats (I’m being very generous in calling them that) are concrete slabs- which are already marked up despite the park not even being open yet, with no support for arms, there is literally nowhere to sit and eat your lunch, to have a game of Chess or Checkers, or to simply sit back and put your feet up. There is no shade from the sun, and all-in all it is as unimaginative a piece of public works as could be imagined. (Go see for yourself- do not take my word for it. Please go see it and post your thoughts in response to this thread. Maybe I’m wrong- maybe this grossness is the next Sistine Chapel of the West Coast…) On the plus side- if your goal was to get rid of the Latino elders that hung out and played board games, as well as the day-laborers- well then you should be pretty happy with the layout of the new park!!

The cost of this effort was a cool half-million, $100,000 of which was provided by the HMB Beautification Committee. And in that half million, and the aborted architectural nightmare that we’ve been presented with lie a clear description of our community, and where we’re headed if we don’t take charge of the people running this asylum.

If you like that park, and what it represents then you need to get involved- roll out your support for the ruling majority- because in the next Council elections in 2016 they are going to need all the support they can raise.

On the other hand…

When you pass by the park in the near future give a thought to the fact that the same people who pushed it through- and who destroyed important history here in HMB, are the ones who want us to cough up $23 million to build an equally garish and “new” library just two blocks away. Then think about the coming year, the elections of 2016, and what you are going to do- to either re-elect the people running the show, or to insure that we stop the bleeding- before it gets any worse than it already is.

Get involved, or our entire town is going to end up looking like the hideous slab of concrete we were just given by our majority Council members- and you will have no one to blame but yourself.




I need to swing by and check it out. I wasn't upset about the redo, but the current pictures of the redo look like doo-doo. Sterile.

It looks dull from the street.

I did not wonder if there has been too many hours sitting in front of a computer screen doing mock ups in whatever software allows that sort of thing.

Mock ups on a puter...

Looks xactly like what we got.

Maye they plan on planting the rarest of treasures in the big coffee cup. Is it for a palm tree?

If a bougainvillea took over the cg bandstand that would be better...

Where will people sit?

Random thoughts and a mixed review:

I don't think anyone was particularly trying to drive out the day laborers but people wanted a stage and open plaza for large events ala Kitty Fernandez... with restrooms. It might have been cheaper to put in restrooms at Kitty Fernandez and spruce up MD Park, which you have to admit was getting "creepy."

Lol at "the big coffee cup" fountain. Like the Candid Camera gag where the cup of coffee or tea squirts up at the customer. It's hard to "unthink" that image.

Mac Dutra Park was drab. Mac Dutra Plaza is drab too. I guess we can say the historical character was preserved, yay. So we hate to think that after all this money was spent that it falls short of the mark. So now what?

The good side to this drabness is that the place has "good bones." The basic layout is good, the paving is beautiful and the stage and trellis work is nice. The basic "nothingness" lends itself to being fixed up and changed up over the years as our needs change-- we can periodically update with color and inexpensive improvements, similar to buying new living room furniture and repainting.

Some ideas... add some giant colorful planters. More seating, more trees. A standing covered trellis to provide shade. Thick mosaics inlaid in the cement seating, coffee cup and saucer. Use the walls as a revolving canvas fir colorful murals. Bring back our local artists! Keep them involved in Mac D art in appreciation of their past contributions (but don't promise permanence again).

Let's have fun with this. But when does the music start? There needs to be an opening party with local musicians.

Thank you Beautification Committee for your generous contribution of $100K and for being invested in our community.

THE SAD TRUTH IS....They cut down the big cypress treee that was the gateway to the City coming into town from Hwy 92, and at that moment they began to kill the Soul of Half Moon Bay.

A few years later, they are slowly killing off any charm and character this town once had, and putting up Cookie Cutter Parks while ripping out community created mosaics.

Benches?....we don't gotta provide you no stinking benches"

Speaking of trying to relocate Day Laborers, what about the newest $100,000 attraction to skateboarders? It seems that every time there is a Skateboarder spotted in the newly rennovated M-D Park, a call goes out to the Po-Po. What is the highest and best use of the SM County Sheriffs Officers time? Answer from City Hall: SKATEBOARDER PATROL!!!!


Is it actually finished, or was the ribbon cutting ceremonial?

99 percent complete. As of last week they were still tweaking the flowerpot, (sorry- I mean fountain) and apparently a few other details as well.

Ribbon cutting was ceremonial, although the park was opened for use at that time.



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