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New HMB Review Website

Let me be the first to say ... I like the new website layout.


Agreed. Great new design, especially on mobile. Good work review staff!

Just please please don't disappear any existing talkabout content. It's not exactly Palmyra, but it is quite a record of our recent local history.

How does one view the NEW! and IMPROVED! Talkabout site? This legacy site is getting old!

Web Link

Jury's still out for me. New always has its ups and downs.

First, I'm going to have to get used to the entire new layout. Not sure I like it, but time will tell. Second, TA is not featured on the front page anymore and it takes extra effort to find it. Third, once one finds it, the options are ... odd; either "Legacy" or start a topic. Just odd, but maybe I'll get used to it. Fourth and likely last for now (until I explore more), the site now is on one tab instead of two. Used to be that the Review front page would occupy one tab and when I opened TA, it would open in a new window; not anymore, which means now I have to get out of TA altogether to cruise the front page.

Bitch, bitch, bitch, I know. Change is always interesting. Let's see how it all works with time. I'm sure we'll get used to it.

On the (very) plus side; we didn't lose TA history, which is a telling history of our community. That is a very good thing. Now, if I can just get used to the extra effort it takes...

OK, I just 'found' the TA icon on the front page and used it (this time). It opened in a new tab, providing me now with the ability to toggle back and forth between the front page and TA without having to exit one for the other.

See? A little time and even I can figure things out. Wonderful challenge with my morning wake-up juice!

The new TA website has a link to start a topic and another link to the legacy TA website.

Posting a new topic from the new TA website doesn't result in its display on the legacy site or the new site.

Maybe it's not accepting new posts yet?

Thank you Bill and Clay for preserving the past TA. That's awesome.

The new Talkabout forum doesn't seem to be showing posts yet. Standby. We're working on it!

I just responded to FD's new post there and then replied to one of my own, trying to start populating the forum.

Can others please add to see what it looks like? I think I'm seeing a delay... it says submitted but takes a while to put the post into position. Are posts being reviewed first?

I'm looking for the "New Comments" option, not seeing one. There's a "popular topic" button but that doesn't sound especially useful.

(OK, right now there's about a 5 minute delay before a post is published. Hopefully that goes away.)

My biggest dislike is a huge one- one that will change the entire effectiveness of Talkabout as a useful place to have a discussion.

In our historic format, posts appear in the sequential order of when they were submitted. New information added along the way in real time. You can follow a discussion.

Not so with the sub-threads in the the new format, where one can jump in anywhere any time to comment on prior posts. It's similar to your basic Yahoo style Comments which is designed to let readers blow off steam but is NOT suited to learning.

Case in point: Bill's comment above about posts not appearing. In the new format how do you know when it appeared in the sub-threads relative to other comments without embarking on a tedious examination of post times? It totally loses its relevance.

As I posted to the new TA, "this format will break up the sequence into a chaotic pile of parallel discussions that are impossible to follow."

Now, I like doing the newspaper Jumbles, but not on Talkabout. IMO this will cause a real dumbing down and squelching of conversation.

And to further chop the discussion into an unfathomable word salad, the newer responses to the OP appear first.

While writing you also can't read any of the previous posts in a different sub-thread.


I am unable to login to the new TalkAbout. When I try and use my old account it brings me to a registration page. Creating the new account fails because it says I already have an account with that email. When I try to login with my email/password it brings me to the registration screen.

Is there a way to get my account reset? Thanks for the help, Terri

I am unable to see the Talkabout. The comments from "uffish thought" may have had a devastating effect on the experiment.

No! No! No!

Francis is blinded to the postings on Talkabout! How can that be?

Obama must have a hand in this skulduggery!

"I am unable to see the Talkabout." Hopefully because the New TA has a bulls*@t detector and you are way over the limit.

In order to play in the new sandbox, one has to be civil ... or, as we see, one gets unceremoniously bounced.

Karma can be brutal, huh?

>>bulls*@t detector<<

Why the unprovoked personal attack in a heretofore unsullied convo??

OK, now I can't help but point out the illogical failings of that remark. First, Terri wasn't being uncivil and she's having trouble with the site too. Your BS detector would need a major recalibration.

Second, FD has posted to the new forum numerous times, including the first thread, while we haven't seen any proof whatsoever that you're allowed there yourself. Not one post as of this writing. Hmmm... what could this mean? OOPS!

So you missed your target and it's coming right back at you. Boomerangs can be brutal, huh? (Hehe, all in fun.)

The new TA forum seems to be working again.

George can still be the first one to post something uncivil.

And the challenge is on. Who can hold out the longest? Will George* be the first to cave in?


*Mueteff, not Castanza)

I thought Kramer was the first one out.

Web Link

Oops, now it's gone again. All TA links lead back to this one.

Once again, Karma at work.

The gnu sight is up again. Still pristine, too.

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