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Measure J Expenditures

Recently the Measure J Oversight Committee learned of the distribution of Measure J funds.

They were informed that $917,000 had been spent on Library improvements in the year 2015-16, Nearly one million dollars "improving" a building that will be shortly torn down.

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Can anyone explain this expenditure?


So you need someone to do your homework for you?

I thought some local expert such as yourself would willingly share their knowledge freely. Come on SuperCharm tell us why.

Maybe I'm misreading it, but it appears to me that the $917K is in the 2014-2015 unaudited column. That doesn't include the $333K in the following column labeled 2015-2016.

I'm sure somebody can explain it all, but that somebody isn't me. It would be lovely to see the breakdown (specific) of these expenditures, particularly since we see that only $167K was budgeted for library expenditures for fiscal year 2014-2015 adopted budget.

And in the Main Street Bridge column? a big fat goose egg through 2015-2016. How does that work, exactly?

Boney, that $917 wasn't for the ADA improvements. It went in its entirety to the Library Capital Fund.

I don't have time to explain all this here right now, but the money that is over the original allocation is for the new project, not the ADA improvements.

More later,


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