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Chicken Plays Chicken On Bay Bridge

The nuances of this story are fascinating. Web Link

A chicken running around and stopping traffic on the Bay Bridge. It was originally thought to be another "Critical Mass" operation.

Chicken captured by brave police officer and transported to shelter. There was no gunfire reported.

They named the chicken "Chip" Some think this is an illegal immigrant chicken attempting to dump an "anchor chick" on our shores.

Numerous people (including Colonel Sanders and Popeye) have claimed ownership of the chicken. No one has produced a believable birth certificate.

Ignoring the lack of presence of a rooster, they fear the chicken's egg will hatch. Proving Bay Area folks have lost contact with nature.

Some of the commentary was not part of the original article,


"Some of the commentary ...?

You forgot Tyson; they might have a claim, too.

Poor Chip. Thank goodness for the brave CHP, saving the day. And the foresight it took to exchange eggs - avoiding that dreaded immaculate conception.

Maybe Chip, or her new owners, should make an appointment with the nearby Planned Parenthood to get a better understanding of the birds and the bees ... and just how that all works.

Thanks, Mr Bills. It's always fun cleaning my morning coffee off my screen. Where do you find this stuff?

Surprisingly, there was a luncheon meeting at Planned Parenthood to discuss this very issue. Web Link

If Obama enforced USDA standards this wouldn't happen.

I'm surprised at those three featherbrains who almost ran afowl of the law. Each had hatched a plan to falsely claim our plucky hen named Chip.

One weird chick had a poultry excuse that she was egged on, but her story was scrambled and peppered with salty remarks (calling the cops "peckerheads" etc). It didn't go over easy for and she quickly chickened out.

The second claimant couldn't pullet off either. This tough old biddy had no Mcnugget of truth to her half-baked story. She admitted trying to wing it when her story didn't fly but she's still as mad as a wet hen.

The third one's cock-a-mamie story was no better. He was still crowing the next morning that he would capon trying.

Unfortunately this bridge incident has taken its toll on poor Chip, who is so fried now that she can't even remember why she was crossing the road.

Why, uff, I didn't know you had it in you.

Pretty good stuff, you old poultry lovin bird you.

Not so fast Gringos! LaRaza claims the chicken belongs to PocoLoco

Web Link

Uff, very, very funny!

Uff, thank you so much for that nugget of humor.

Uff, you're the cock of the walk. That was eggcellent.

May I poach a couple of your best yolks?

What the flock, Talk about a dumb cluck, I messed up the PocoLoco site. Here is the right one

Web Link

Perhaps this cackling has gone on long enough, some of us need to get out and earn a little chicken scratch.

Thanks BB for starting off Funny Friday with the flap on the bridge!

>>May I poach a couple of your best yolks?<< Haha!

Sure Mike, they're not all they're cracked up to be but feel free to lay them on other people. I shell not mind.

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