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City Councilperson Claims Half Moon Bay Steals Property

Yes, that is the claim of Councilperson Farmer John. You can listen to him in his own words confessing to the crime. If ever Dr Theodor Reik needed an example of his theory "The Compulsion To Confess" it is certainly here. Web Link

Reviewing the video of the meeting I could find nothing that would bring such an admission to head. They were discussing additional space for city staff at the time.

In the long run it was a hellofa good deal. We got the land for nothing and the insurance companies and the county actually paid the lawsuit.

That's what I call great financial management not stealing.


so, if I'm following this correctly,

the act of a municipality by which rendering a property holder to terms set forth in california, or federally recognized codes,

equates to stealing someone's property?





Point Reyes National Seashore *(AWESOME!!!)

Much of HWY280

All of the unused and potentially VERY expensive to fix old dumps,

many many public assets, whether held in private trust or not, make America the great place we are. Not allowing someone to steal our precious resources such as water or just the peace and quiet tranquility of a small town such as ours,


the developers that may or may not be a little more sophisticated and connected than once considered,

they have open rein for the next 100 years.

The exact legacy time frame once mentioned by mistermayorfarmerjohn.


guess who has what to protect when it comes to those exact negotiations?

Water allocation is #1.

Who gets that water?

What place in line are the PUD's?

How about one 20 acre parcel that is currently impossible to stick buildings on??? how about the unimpeded access to the ocean all those contiguous parcels would make???

How about joining them up with beachwood and making a real corridor for snakes and frogs?

(hahah retorical ? really)

Just this;

I believe the "100 year legacy" we've heard so much about includes a contiguous development from beachwood West to the couple houses on Kelly Beach.

Buy out the owners and make public access a priority based on wildlife viewing and recreational opportunities.

Let the tourists stay at the hotels we already have and can't fill.

A certain landowner with everything to gain by taking the position that private property rights trumps all...

likely will never agree to public asset protection as a priority for either themselves, or now apparently for public assets held by HMB.

Selling off all those rights.

Making sure it will be a fight to keep the development size down...

I'd rather have the conversation about how to maximize the public good for the next 100 years than help the schemers finally make it all pay...100 million dollar corporation...

That drives a lot of bank...

I think the more remarkable thing that Mr. Muller says is that we are a $100 millioin dollar company.

Either Mr. Muller has no idea how a company is valued based on revenue, or he really believes that HMB generates $100 million per year. Either way it is somewhat stunning to contemplate.

Although it would go a long way towards explaining why he has no issues with a $23 million library- if he thinks it is just less than a quarter of our yearly revenue (as opposed to the 2 years worth that it actually represents) then it is understandable why it is no big deal to him.

To place this in context- the total net worth of the City (claimed net worth- with Beachwood and Glencree valued together at a preposterous $27 million) is $82 million.

That's not what MMFJ said dce.

MMFJ says that HMB is a !)) million dollar corporation, I'm sure referring to the public assets he and the other 2 incumbents are so desperate to foist the liability from the municipality or to maximize current market value in an all out end around of the people's will.

They say they are the ones making the hard decisions.

Like which ones?

Like disbanding a disfunctional police department or local fire department?

Like letting some poor woman that cant afford the liability to lose her house as they play shell games and three card monty?

These people have got everything to gain by leaving you and me in the dark regarding their treasure.

What, you think they want to cut you in?


Be ready,

the water has to come from somewhere.


Their 100 million means nothing without a building on it...

Sorry Bigsea- I went and watched it again. He specifically says that we are a $100 million company.



Their 100 million means nothing without a building on it...

You're a poet. Plus one, bigsea.

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