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Barking Dogs [4]

Friend of ours on St. Joseph [towards the west end] has 4 barking dogs in the home behind her. She said they bark all night & keep her awake. Talking to the dog owner doesn't do any good. Anyone have any ideas what she can do about this?


According to the SPCA this type of problem should be handled by the City,

"Barking dog complaints, patrols of parks (including dog parks), and situations where residents have too many animals or illegal animals, such as ferrets or alligators, are handled by each individual city – and not by PHS/SPCA. "

Web Link

City Phone is 650-726-8270

Savino have her get support from other neighbors that are being disturbed, if possible.

County Sheriff Non-emergency # is 650.343.4911

They may answer with something like "what's your emergency" but just tell them it's not an emergency. Then they'll ask what it is... and they will send out a deputy... at least they do in Moss Beach.

People with dogs that do not accept their ownership responsibly are really a PITA!

Also, I've finally gotten to where I wear foam earplugs every night because of this problem.

Raccoons, possums, snakes, gophers, coyotes, bobcats and cougars. Oh, and frogs.

It's tough to shut-up when there's so much excitement.

making excuses for inconsiderate pet owners is not productive...

No excuse for inconsiderate dog parents, John, just channeling my inner coastside dog.

Dogs don't just bark for fun or to disturb the neighbors. This is their only means of communication so they bark when something is wrong. Dogs who are left outside all night are seriously neglected. They could be cold, hungry, lonely, or who knows what. People don't understand that when you take a dog into your family, he/she is looking for a pack to belong to as well as an alpha male. They want to be inside with us, not banished to the backyard or the garage. You can see how passionate I am about this subject. And I should add that every county has to have an animal control division which is responsible to come out and check on dogs who are barking excessively. I just moved here so I don't know the procedure but in Alameda County where I used to live, animal control is part of the sheriff's office and they roll on these types of complaints. I have even watched them take possession of a dog who was chained in a backyard which is illegal in Alameda Count. I'm not sure if this extends to the State. I hope the writer of this will not give up but seek justice for those animals.

Monica, sorry for the tardy response... I spent Saturday and Sunday at the Pleasanton Scots' Games (wahwoo! what a great time!) and I haven't been able to log on 'till now:

I agree that dogs bark when something is wrong, and I applaud anybody who's willing to check on their well being.

OTOH, some dogs bark because they can... they have something to say and they're saying it... whenever it feels right to do so. It's the dog's human's responsibility to ensure the dog is trained to not talk at inappropriate times (generally ~ 9PM to 7AM weekdays and ~10PM to 9AM weekends), and certainly not for uninterrupted, continuous barking/wailing/screeching any time of the 24-hour day. There are far too many dogs' humans' that abdicate that responsibility (Moss Beach has a boatload of 'em! I really mean it!), totally ignoring their dog's (s') concern...

Salvino, get the professionals involved in resolving this problem as long as this problem exists. Boney Bills typed above some helpful contact information.

I am reading the comments and one question remains: who is responsible in your City or County government to follow up on nuisance complaints such as barking dogs. The last resort might be a court order maybe?

Monica, Boney Bills has that information fully referenced in his web link above.

ok - following the link above it suggests calling your local Police Dpt. has that been done? I don't see it in the comments, just that the sheriff's dept was unwilling to handle it. Does your city have a police dept? I just moved here from Hayward and I know the unincorporated areas do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Hayward PD so they refer to the sheriff's. Is that how it works here?

In the morning call San Mateo County animal control (at the RWC County Office) for information on whom to speak with.

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