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On Sunday, 8/30 I signed 2 petitions outside Safeway and now I noticed 2 fraudulent charges on my debit card. Because it was the first time I used this card (due to an earlier fraudulent transaction) I know this was a scam.

I never presented my card to this person nor was my (new) card ever out of my possession. The charges were for 35.95 and 160.00

If you notice these charges on your account with California N 925 302 1851 they are fraudulent.

Sad that nasty people will try to get money via "altruistic" causes...


What you describe is horrible.

Do you remember what the petition(s) were about?

If we had some sort of name, or even cause, it may help us all going forward.

Thanks, in advance, for the clarity.

Why would you attribute scammed credit card charges to known volunteer petitioners? That hardly seems likely.

and for the first time in history, someone has mistaken a paper petition for an ATM machine.

exactly how did you slide your ATM card through the petition?

and how did you enter your pin?

what a load of crap...

Maybe Krautsnout applied for a Visa card, not a petition?

Nobody I've talked to knows of any petition offered at Safeway either Saturday or Sunday.

Odd post.

Might not have been a petition.

There was a "veterans" group out there that I had not seen before. No idea if these guys were legitimate or not, but there have been a few reports this summer of fraudulent groups operating outside stores.

The point of the thread was to try to stir up trouble against petitioners. Credit cards are not being proximity swiped by the petitioners (who weren't even there). Isn't it against the law to make false criminal accusations against individuals?

Let's ask Ms Krautsnout whether she filed a police report.

>> Might not have been a petition.<<

To Superficial: the original poster said she/he/(you) physically SIGNED two petitions. Are you really trying to tell the charming Krautsnout that he didn't sign anything?

Trying to backtrack now after realizing a mistake to say maybe it wasn't a petition after all is too late.

I hope we don't lose sight of the meaning of this thread.

Accusations have been levied by the author of this thread, one "Kroutsnout". It might, of course, provide some legitimacy to the claims were Kroutsnout to use his/her name as opposed to anonymity, but the message and accusations remain.

I'll admit I am a little disappointed in the no-show response by the OP to honest concerns. That adds to the skepticism of the thread and its accusations, most assuredly.

It may just be (another) case of an individual that just is unhappy with citizens trying and working hard to get City government to open up and be transparent; maybe a new library supporter? Who knows and frankly, who cares ... IF that is the case.

The contradictory input from the OP followed by the complete disappearance of said OP when honestly questioned is suspicious indeed, which weighs heavily on the accusations.

Wouldn't it be nice if folks were just honest; honest in their approach, their name and their concerns? Life would be so much easier.

I can only wonder if it is a coincidence that the morning this thread was started I emailed a draft copy of the new Downtown Preservation Act Initiative to the Project Manager for the library...

For those of you who are not already aware another initiative for the June ballot has been prepared, this one limiting public buildings in the downtown area to 18,000 square feet without the approval of the public- at an actual voting booth.

Thus the masses will once again be out collecting signatures in the near future as the Taxpayer Protection Act will likely be ignored by the Council- with them issuing LRBs before the Act has a chance to take effect.

In short: I found the coincident timing of that submission and this thread to be extremely curious. Maybe it's just a coincidence- I have literally no idea. (Although I do know that the scenario as posited by Krautsnout is ludicrous on its face.)



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