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Confessions Of A Satisfied Ashley Madison Client

That dumb ass Ullom has done it again

"Dear Penthouse, As far as my Fridays go, the one on which my life changed forever was mundane, until 4:06 PM......."

Web Link


Whatever it takes to steer traffic away from this site!

Francis, this is a light reprieve from TA. It's gives all of us much needed humor. John doesn't need Ashley Madison services since women on the Coastside love him.

"Whatever it takes to steer traffic away from this site!"

Yeah, life is just one big conspiracy.

One can only wonder what it's like living a factually void assumption filled life.

Better you than the rest of us.

Have a nice day.

PS: heck, if I'd known John had that much moolah and was so quick to part with it, I might have chased him myself. But alas, it appears too late for that now.

How to Snare Millions of Men with Fembots: Web Link

So, Mike H. are you implying that it was a Bot and not Marisa that got JCU's money?

I'm confused. Isn't Marisa a bot?

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