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More Obama Administation Email Shennanigans

It's not just The Inevitable Madam Hillary or Lois Lerner or "Richard Windsor":

Web Link

This administration continues to attempt to hide government documents in violation of the law.


Here's all I can see before the paywall kills it, but it does look familiar...

The EPA’s Own Email Problem - Another government employee, another private account, another crashed hard drive.

When a government official (think Hillary Clinton) uses a private email account for government work (think Hillary Clinton) and then doesn’t turn over records (think Hillary Clinton), the public has to wonder why. For an example of that why, consider Thursday’s federal-court subpoena of Phillip North.

The North story hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, but it is a useful tale for clarifying exactly why we have federal records and sunshine laws. You see, government workers don’t use private email because it is “convenient.”...

It's across all party lines and positions. Maybe you should talk about gas prices. It would be more interesting and relevant.

^^^ Here's all I can see before the paywall kills it, but it does look familiar...


Sorry, it wasn't behind a paywall when I linked the story.

Seems the noose has tightened on on Phillip North, a retired EPA employee, used private emails to hide his collusion with private environmental groups to hijack the review process and deny permits for Pebble Mine. Here's an earlier story on the issue:

Web Link

The reason government officials use private emails to conduct official government business is to skirt the law (as North did) or to avoid FOIA requests.

It's a bit of a disappointment to learn that some find such practices acceptable, even someone like "Coasters." Despite assertions to the contrary, there is no evidence that such practices "cross party lines." But it appears to be standard operating procedure in the Obama Administration, particularly His IRS, EPA and State Department.

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