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Ashley Madison dot crazytown

Is Christianity really a religion, or is it only a way to explain away moral failings and wrong doing while maintaining a sense of moral superiority over others and just being kind of rude and excusing your bad attitude because who really care anyway you can just say "sorry Jesus Jesus sorry" later?

Examine two cases. Joshua Duggar of seventy kids and counting fame recently admitted to sexually molesting his young sisters. He apologized saying he just didn't have enough Jesus but that he had since been praying and now has enough Jesus. Also Jesus has forgiven him since he has more now. For what it's worth his parents had been working on getting him more Jesus for a long time ever since they found out that he had been committing such horrible acts. Joshy asked the whole world to pray for him so he could have enough Jesus and I think we all thought this was the end of a very sad story. Cept it wasn't was it? Instead, while preaching his moral recovery and blathering about forgiveness and jesus josh was paying big $$$$ to ashleymadison.com a website created for the sole purpose of helping married people cheat on their spouses. Old I'm sorry and Jesus forgives me Duggar paid so much money he actually got an affair guarantee. But wait there's more it actually gets better or worse or more jesusie. Turns out that before he got caught assaulting his sisters and before anyone other than him and maybe a few women knew he paid money to cheat on his wife j-dug was the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL that seeks to "to champion marriage and family as the foundation of civilization, the seedbed of virtue, and the wellspring of society.” As you might think his position here involved a lot of ranting about other people and what kind of sex they have and how they watch porn and how abortion and single mothers and welfare are bringing our nation to its knees and whatever else sort of kind of mentioned in the bible nonsense he could come up with. The whole time though josh was sinning knowingly and with premeditation. he wasn't just cheating on his wife or trying at least but elaborately planning to. He can't even call it a mistake or a crime of passion because it was a cold blooded sober preplanned intention to do something that both the bible and common sense say is wrong and mean and heartless all the while going on and on about how others should live their lives. But now josh says he is sorry. He talked to Jesus and he is more Jesus filled than ever. So just like last time all fixed, all better. No apology to those he insulted before with his rhetoric no real admission of the wrong doing or hypocrisy. He just strayed too far from Jesus for a second time and also overlapping with the first time but now if you pray enough and he prays enough hell have enough Jesus to act like a decent person. see how that works?''''l

Let's move on from joshy-d to the righteous left hand of god Sam Rader. Sam and his wife got pretty famous lately with their YouTube channel telling other people what's up with Jesus. Good for them and other people who believe in ghosts. Just got kinda weird when Samuel and his wife video taped themselves ranting to their toddler daughter about why gays are bad. To their credit, even the Raders had the sense to remove this bucket of hate nonsense. But they kept on evangelizing up the internets. Sam talked a lot about how his wife "is a gift straight from the Lord, and that he aims to treat her the way he’d want a man to treat his daughter." You feel the freight train coming??????????????? Guess who had a paid ashleymadison.com account? Don't you worry. Don't pay this any attention. It's just another person using King Jesus to tell other people how to live their lives while also paying hundreds of dollars to have sex with someone/anyone other than his wife. His wife who is a gift direct from Jesus who he already promised Jesus to be faithful to for all eternity. In a statement tho Sammy wants you to know that he ran all this by Jesus and Jesus has "cleansed" him of sin. Good news for you and Sam and Jesus since now Sam can go back to making his YouTube videos in exchange for his six figure income. Should make him plenty of money to spread the word of Jesus or open another cheater account or love his wife or whatever.

No one is perfect,,, we all have different ideas about who we are and what is good and what is bad. We all subscribe to different belief systems and some no system at all and their is nothing in the whole world wrong with that. there is nothing wrong with trying to be something and then failing and then trying again. What's wrong is when someone spends their life telling others how to be and promotes beliefs that marginalize and sideline other people and promote their own moral greatness. What makes it even worse is when that person is using the whole thing to cover their utter lack of effort and as a distraction from the fact that not only are they cheaters and liars but that they're well planned and pure intentioned liars and cheaters.

Maybe these 2 buffoons don't represent a whole religion. Even the tens of 1000s out there acting the same way don't represent all Christians. But there is something to the idea that so many can speak with such self righteousness and then turn out not even able to control their own behavior.


>>Is Christianity really a religion<<

Uh oh!!! Look out for the hysterical outrage for even suggesting such a thing!!

Or was that only reserved for people quoting the same questions about Islam?

I'm happily awaiting a response from those TA individuals who were so whacked out a week ago and making personal attacks over it.

Can't wait to hear from you.

Uff, I get your point, and FWIW I wouldn't engage in this thread on the topic as it is identically narrow to yours in opening up a dialogue. Want to bash Christians- then this is the place for you.

But to be clear: Asking the question "Is Christianity a religion," followed by a detailed reason for your posit, and not in the title of the thread, is a world away from "Islam is Not a Religion." in the title of the thread, and with no further exposition.

I get why you probably won't understand the difference between the two threads, and the words used, but what I can tell you is that's why this thread will essentially end up being ignored, instead of turning into the foodfight the Islam is not a Religion thread provoked.

In my view both posits are inane.

But as Tony Condotti always says: Don't get your legal advice from the TalkAbout!!

>>Islam is Not a Religion" in the title of the thread, and with no further exposition.<<

Except there was further exposition, with "so says" being a video of the Rear Admiral staying his case about the Middle East.

This mute non-response is a combination topic exhaustion and that's OK to bash Christians but not Muslims just as it's fashionably fine to tell racist jokes about Caucasians/blondes but not blacks, Hispanics or asians (unless you're one of course).


Until I saw that you posted I hadn't even looked at this thread. The title is Ashley Madison dot crazytown. Christianity doesn't appear in it anywhere- and I don't generally read the little snippets below the thread titles. So unlike with your previous post on the surface there was nothing here that merited even a careful reading much less the response you happened to receive.

It is not OK to bash anyone- and I think you know full well how I feel about that idea. And I'm not mute- I'm responding to you here. Maybe not a novel, but at least a fair shake.

I doubt very much the non-response has anything to do with the topic, as much as an unknown poster and a fairly benign thread title. I can't speak for Coasters for example, but I am absolutely certain that he/her feelings about bashing religion are unilateral, and are applied to all religions equally. (That's my take from reading their words anyway...)

Enough on this one- can we agree (with one more from you if you like) to let this one die- we really do have much more important things to discuss.



I'm finished (for now anyway). If others want to respond to the OP they're welcome.

I liked the writing style of Banana Wheel. Free flowing and interesting.

Yeah, sorry... This is just stupid. What's sad is, as Uff points out, there is some interesting stuff here. It's just so tangled up in unreasonable garbage that I just don't have much to say.

This is an unfair assessment of Christianity and an unreasonable assessment of this situation.

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