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Rand Paul's Plan to Buy an Election

The Kentucky GOP will vote on a plan to switch its presidential primary to a caucus – at Rand Paul's expense.

On Saturday, the Republican Party of Kentucky's 340-member central committee is expected to vote to approve the caucus plan and will have until Oct. 1 to clear legal and logistical hurdles and inform the Republican National Committee. The caucus determining the state’s delegates to the Republican nominating convention would occur on a different day than the state’s primary, where his name would appear on the ballot for Senate.

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McConnell wants GOP to support Rand Paul caucus

Funny how law and order is important when talking about immigrants, but rich white guys colluding to buy changes to the law with contributions ad political pressure is okee-dokee.

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And he succeeded. I hope the Dem running against him for the senate seat beats his duplicitous patoot.

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