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Benghazi Committee’s Cost to the Taxpayer: $4M

That's so far...

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Fast forward to today and we have Mr. Gowdy’s committee. To date, he has cost the taxpayer $4.1 million. He’s had three hearings since the committee began one year and three months ago. Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked Gowdy last weekend “What does [her email] have to do with investigating what happened around Benghazi?”

And Gowdy’s response? “Well, probably not much of anything….”


Yet the committee lives on. And on and on and on and on. Over a year later, over $4 million later, the slow methodical political lynching of Hillary Clinton continues and there’s simply no end in sight. Never mind that the GOP-led House Armed Services Committee found no evidence of wrongdoing by Mrs. Clinton. Never mind that nine other Congressional committees have investigated the events surrounding Benghazi.


Thanks to the Benghazi committee, we're now aware of Hillary's secret email server and her willingness to put the nation at risk to avoid FOIA requests.

It's only a matter of time before a backup server is found and the full extent of her ineptitude regarding Benghazi is exposed.

You "conservatives" sure aren't very conservative, are you?

An email, about the degrading situation in Benghazi doesn't make "conservatives" sorry they cut embassy security budgets repeatedly, it sends them down a rabbit hole about Hllary's email.

Obviously, people like HoneyBrisket care more about political lynching for partisan's sake than the safety of Americans.

Pathetic and cowardly.

Now we've learned the issue is not just Hillary's unprotected private server.

According to active and retired top security IT professionals and cryptologists working for the State Dept, there was no way that top secret material could have been emailed to her because those are stand alone computers not connected to the outside world. No link to the internet. It's physically impossible to email anything.

Additionally the room the computers are housed in are secured either below grade or in interior rooms that cannot be surreptitiously monitored. The rooms require two personnel to access, two to sign for documents etc.

Therefore they say the data, maps and plans etc had to have been smuggled off the State Dept computer somehow... by printing it out or putting it on a thumb drive (even though those ports would have been disabled or removed). Then the info could have been scanned and loaded and on to Madam's unprotected server for all to read. ("Come one come all!" "Hear ye! Hear ye!")

There's more to this story coming, you can be sure. Hillary is toast.

Not to mention arms smuggling to Syria.

^^^ Obviously, people like HoneyBrisket care more about political lynching for partisan's sake than the safety of Americans. ^^^

I want to know what really happened in Benghazi. "Coasters" doesn't want anyone to know what happened.

What's obvious is that "Coasters" gets ugly to the bone when the truth about The Inevitable Madam Hillary is exposed.

The true nature of "Coasters" has also been exposed. Well done, Trey Gowdy!

Trey bien!

The previous 10 committees already figured-out what happened. It's been published.

"Conservative" ideologues don't let science or factual evidence dissuade their causes. We all understand that, HoneyBriss.

Again, the findings were worth it.

What did Obama's $1.8 TRILLION in stimulous get us? Was there ever an accounting? Or war it the greatest liberal heist in history?

Again, the findings were worth it.

Confirmation bias is a wonderful thing.

How much are "conservatives" (chuckle) willing to pay for their immigrant pogrom?

Estimates are $166B to $1T, so are somewhat specious. It's probably at the high side given you would have to create an enormous governmental law enforcement wing of ICE to round up the undocumented workers and their children and deport them. It would take years and years.

What's the "conservative" budget for this "they're taking our jobs" fantasy? How much revenue (tax, SSI) will we lose? What happens to our relationship with current allies when we dump what are essentially Americans (including children), on their doorsteps?

I realize this is all immaterial to a "True Believer" (Web Link), but it's good to call attention to the lack of foresight, experience and perspective revolving around this issue on the "conservative" side of the argument.

^^^ We all understand that, HoneyBriss. ^^^


What did Obama's $1.8 TRILLION in stimulous get us?

Well, Congress signed it into law, but Obama would be proud to take credit for it, but you're off by a trillion: It was $840B.

What's a trillion dollars to someone with no concept of how things work or what they cost?

You're probably conflating ARRA with TARP, which was Shrub the Elder's attempt to unscrew the financial pooch he created. Nice job, Dumbya.

Here's an accounting of where the funds went:

Web Link

ARRA, in addition, provided a means to report fraud and other abuses around the program:

Web Link

Transparency, accountability and success in stemming a complete flaming disaster brought to you by the Republicans in Power.

Thanks, OBAMA!!!


I'm sure there's a cot you can lie down on in your mom's basement Honeynapper.

^^^ Honeynapper ^^^

I guess that is supposed to trouble me in some way.

"Coasters" may not be the best person to admonish anyone about transparency and accountability, particularly when defending The Inevitable Madam Hillary while writing under an anonymous name.

Cowards like "Coasters" sure have pecular values!

^^^ Or wa[s] it the greatest liberal heist in history? ^^^

Remember, TARP was passed under Bush. It was adamantly opposed by conservatives that went on to become the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party.

It was the greatest crony capitalist heist in history.

Hoping for a pardon: Web Link

Drip. Drip. Drip.

And, yet, the "conservatives" love to spend, spend, spend when it suits their political ambitions..

What a lame excuse for letting The Inevitable Madam Hillary off the hook! Especially when a large part of the cost is attributable to her and the 'bamster dragging their feet.

But it you're truly worried about cost, Hillary can pay after her criminal behavior is fully exposed.

Wonderful. Just wonderful. The US (namely The Inevitable Madam Hillary) provided the weapons used in the attack on Benghazi:

Web Link

No wonder she and the State Department are dragging their feet in responding to Trey Gowdy's committee requests.

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