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Tonight's City Council Meeting Live

For the thousands of viewers watch it live starting at 7:00 here

Web Link



I've got no sound either.

Still no sound.

No sound. Awesome work!

Web Link

When does Mr. Anti-Library get up to smear everyone involved?

"...When does Mr. Anti-Library get up to [protest about my wife spilling hot tea on him again?]

Let the live-blogging begin!!

Sorry Tyler- Supcha meant me I think. (Don't worry, I'm sure he'll have some witticism or another for Mr. Ullom as well.)

Sorry you missed it Supcha- it was three minutes of smearing everyone in the place. It was, in a word, a smeargasm!! You should watch it- and share it with everyone you know as well!!



Individual speakers making comments- most of the good and heartfelt- form any perspective- at least so far.

Board Member of FOL speaking now- she volunteers five hours a week!! Fantastic work!!

She's also speaking about how small the library is, which if it was a choice between no library and library would seem to be relevant, but outside of that fact- I think we all agree the library is far too small right now...

Ahh...the snake in the grass, Mr. Benjamin.

When he speaks softly, listen closer. He is trying to fool you.

Thanks supcha- that was the best laugh I've had in a while!!

It figures that you can't stand Jimmy. He's got tremendous principles, immense patience, an intellect as bright and creative as any I've ever seen or met.

Allan Alifano is insulting his own image. He claims that the process has been "open" and those of us who think it hasn't been are nuts.

Tell that to the people who were denied access to the meeting to choose the architect- when others- who were not on the committee at that time were allowed to participate.

I appreciate his passion, even though I think his offerings are fairly empty...

Principles? Laughable.

Makes sense you would think so. Although he does not spew as much venom as you.

Speaking of empty offerings - did you get to ask all 820 of your questions yet? or did I miss it?

In any event...


or perhaps even 4-1

And you cannot do anything about it but issue threats.


C'mon Supcha- you know full well individuals in the public cannot ask questions.

I do have to wonder though: What is it you have against questions?? Wasn't it Mr. Alifano who just said: "People have questions- that's what were doing here- answering the questions..." (Or something like that...)

So even Allan feels that questions should be asked and answered!!

And Rick's off to the races!!

He's a friend of the Half Moon Bay Library!!

He's strongly in favor of a new library!!

Lease Revenue Bonds- he's going to lecture us know- if you have questions then reach out to the Council!!

Just trust us!! (I guess the 960 signatures telling him to let it go didn't register...)

Now he's trying to hypnotize us!! Leeeaasseee reeevvvveeeennnnuuuueeee Boooooonnnnddddssss....

I'm going to stop- watch it for yourself if you want to hear what they have to say. (I will say this though: He's pretty damn pissed right now!!)



Sigh.This is what I mean.

I might just have to be ok with the space shuttle docking station.

I wish the city atty had done a better job addressing the specifics of the Brown Act questions (since he brought it up...). His explanation lacked detail and was rather unconvincing IMO.

Thank you Debbie Ruddock for expressing your disapproval of this questionable process. It summed up what a lot of us are feeling. Yes we want a better library with "democratic access to knowledge." But we also want a more democratic process.

I agree, her view was well stated, however I don't think 'I like them, and am ready to recommend them, but I'm mad, so I have to vote no' is a valid argument.

I get the point that was being made, but the fight was being staged on the wrong hill.

I didn't catch why Dr Penrose abstained. Anyone?

Lack of intestinal fortitude?

Very, very weak. And to think she could have supported Mr. Anti-Library

I just spoke to Doc Penrose. Her answer is fairly straightforward.

If I am translating this correctly this is what I heard: She was one of the people who selected the architect, and she felt that they were the best qualified for the job. However she had/has huge problems with the process as it has (and likely will) evolve. (In her brief explanation before being cut off she stated that she had been to General Plan meetings and didn't want this process to be equivalent to those- as she feels that they are wholly inadequate and are basically a sham. (my word...))

So as for the selection she would have voted "yes" but for the process (which was a part of the vote if you think about it- and kudos to both her and Ruddock for realizing this- unlike the other members, who either didn't realize it or simply didn't care...) she wanted to vote "no." Thus, with discretion being the better part of valor she abstained.

It should be noted that she tried to explain this reality after the vote, but Rick prompted Marina to cut her off and stop her from explaining. Perhaps technically permissible, but one more example of the Majority silencing the minority.

In reality she just should have done what Rick told all of us to do: Ask Rick and he will explain it all to us. (He even said at one point: "If any Councilmembers don't understand this they should ask Staff for clarification, or me..." In other words: "Trust us- we know what's best for you..."

Hope that helps Uffish,


these people are hilarious,

as they sit up there crowing "private property rights"

they vote to make yours and my property taxes, our whole existence just a little higher and harder than it could be.


yep if I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it either,

like for instance why/how can anyone oppose people based on values?

You know,

like those religious zealots refusing to bake a cake---

you know, like those wisconsinites ready to deny a raped 12 year olsd an abortion,

you know,

there are lots of stands one might take.

When it comes to some NOBODY tossing his/their weight around like they're sombody,


that's a stand some of us might take,

you know,

I think our leadership is terrible...

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