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Why Isn't Fish 'N' Frites Open Yet in Montara?

A couple of years ago they spent a lot of money and effort dolling up the old Sharon's/Foglifter property on Hwy 1, then nothing. Anybody know what's going on?


Banner still says, "Coming Soon". Looks more empty than ever...

Fish shortage?

Is this the same fish and chips group with the place in the Zaballa House Mall? (Love their food...)

It must be. The "pick your oil, fish meat and batter" thing is okay, but is a probability problem with respect to scoring the right combo. 3 batters, 4 oils(?) and 6 fish. I've got to go to FnF several dozen times to nail the right combo of oil, fish and batter. 72 combinations in this example, right? Let's say you can eliminate all but one fish type, you've gotta try up to 12 combinations to nail it.

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