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If you like a perfect strawberry milkshake

I know where to get one.

Jersey Joe's again, that owner....

The woman working there has the handle on shakemaking,

just suggesting if a person likes a 4 dollar milkshake and expects a really good one,

Jersey Joe has made me one at least 4 times now-pretty good record

man that milkshake was good...


That sounds so good. I wonder if anyone has made an olallaberry shake... the Coastside's own berry. Wonder also if the U Pick farms are open now.

PS- Clay might remove the thread for recommending individual businesses. Long time policy. Maybe we can save it with general food talk.

Speaking for myself, I don't know how anyone could go to Jersey Joe's and not scarf up on the best cheesesteak around (the entire Bay Area I mean) or one of the absolutely mouth watering burgers they consistently serve You won't find better ... and now that I know they have also mastered milkshakes, well ... get out of my way - I'm hungry!!

A gem of a place; well worth the visit.

Oh that fish sandwich!

Best burger on the Coast - Native burger at Jersey Joes.

The fish sandwich there is incredible... I was surprised at how good it was. Totally surpassed all expectations.

Right, love the fish sandwich & burgers as vanilla person always get the vanilla malt they charge xtra for the malts but well worth it.

Their turkey sandwich's are great also with cranberry jelly.

Well, I just ate at Jersey Joe's (JJ's): Bacon Burger (single) w/Swiss + extra bacon, small order of fries, pint O Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Food cost $13+ (didn't pay attention to the beer charge).

IMHO if JJ's is the best on the coast the competition bar is mighty low... For essentially the same cost I can (and have many times) purchase a bacon cheeseburger w/fries at Cafe Rouge in Berkeley. There is no comparison (and it's definitely worth driving all the way to Berkeley to eat at Cafe Rouge. The best French fries I've ever eaten... seriously!)... IN fact, I like In & Out burgers better, and the fries are as good, if not better, than JJ's.


JJ's fries taste and feel like frozen fries, not fresh cut potatoes, so if they aren't frozen fries, they're cookin' 'em wrong.

JJ's bacon cheeseburger is impressive in its size, but they put some spice(s) in it that overpowers the beef (and almost the bacon)flavor. It's cool that it comes with tomato and lettuce, and the bun is very nice. $8+ is too much for what I got, however.

Although I am not familiar with the burger options, as I'm pretty much off cows, I have vast experience with their vanilla and strawberry milkshakes now, and have had at least 25+ fish sandwiches there.

I'm saying it is the best fish sandwich, and milkshakes I've ever eaten.

The New Indian Food place is really good too,

and I've had nothing but amazing times and food at moonraker

oyster bar and a pasta plate is enough for two, I can't remember what else, but something, all for 58 with tip at oyster happy hour, we had 10 with a nice array of sauces, and lemon, you know for a buck a piece!

Anyway, local options for 2 people keeping it economical incl tip

#1 JJoes around $30 for 2 entrees and , 2 shakes\

#2 india ark $50 NICE several dish meal+ mango pudding! good chai

#3 Moonraker, oyster happy hour, 10 oysters, a NICE big shrimp cocktail + share entree

These are my favorites right now,

maybe you have others in the nearby areas!?

I really enjoy the meals these places have delivered to me over and over.

Good food is never so easy to find I know,

tell us more of your choices John,

I trust your experience!


I was there today - got the cheesesteak (and a beer). Outstanding, as always.

The only thing missing was Don. I want to be like that when I grow up - 2 days a week.

I remember when he was working like a dog to get the place open. I remember him working 7 days a week before, during and after opening.

Bless his heart that he can finally take a break ... and the cheesesteak lives on!

What a place.

All of you should vote in the Review's 2015 Reader's Choice going on right now.

bigsea: never trust anyone's opinion on line... personal reviews of anything are subject to corruption/personal belief systems/editing. That said, thanks for the review of Ark... my wife and I have been planning to try it. Ever try Cafe Capistrano? We're wondering if they hand-make their tortillas?

That said: I loved Cafe Gibralter... definitely the best restaurant ever!!! on the Coast!

I very much like Via Uno... excellent Italian food (especially the Calabrese pizza), great wine & beer list, good service.

I like Sam's for specific items like Cherrystones on the half-shell.

I like HMB Brewing Co.'s IPA.

I love the tuna sandwich (YUM!) on wheat w/everything + extra lettuce at San Benito House Garden Deli.

I like the sandwiches at New Leaf (and the turkey chili).

I love the veggie burrito at El Gran Amigo Taqueria in Moss Beach (hop, step & a jump from my house... and it's great Mexican chow!) BTW: <<$15 for two!!!!!

Pizza (or even the plain) Focaccia at Moonside Bakery!!! YUMMY!

That's about it for local chow for me...

yop double for what's her name again? @ SB House? Interesting woman that runs the place?

Good bread and ample fixins-still under $10?

Hot pastrami is my favorite there.

Don't ignore the soup, it's often great.

The via uno is a stop I must make,

I second the moonside bakery as well,

Mango mousse cake thing the other week,

jeepers it was good

Don't know her name, but always good for a bit of conversation... Never tried the pastrami... will have to. Previous (& current) goto for pastrami is Tartine Bakery on 18th & Guerrero in SF, and it's BIG & tasty. Fabulous pastries, too... seriously... do not go there without having the coconut creme tart and an eclair, but be sure to be hungry. And the Croque-monsieur (especially the tomato&mushroom) is G R E A T!

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