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The end of City Council appointments?

The Half Moon Bay City Council is working on rules for the appointment and ultimate election of new members in the event one of its own calls it quits. Currently the council can appoint a member to fill the entirety of the unexpired term or set an election for the position. But the council is now working to combine the two with a policy allowing a short appointment until a special election can be set.

Does that seem like a good idea to you?


It would depend on the remaining time of the term. If it was one and a half years or less, then appoint. It would spare the expense of a a special election.

There is the argument that an incumbent has a greater chance of being elected, but if the appointee is effective in improving the community, then there should not be any concerns.

If the remaining term is more than one and a half years, then apoint interim until a special election was held.

Elections are always great for reviewing what priorities are.

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