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Poison Oak cures! aughhhh!!!!!!!

OK third day, blisters subsiding but not before marring my beautiful skin, hahahaha

the poison oak on the trails is something to behold,

imagine a thicket untouched in 30 years if ever, the black ooze was sapping out of the cut ends of the vines, and now I've done and did it..

is there any cure any of you have personally tried that you think has shortened recovery?

I have eliminated all sources of oil and recontamination.

I'm not through with the patch yet,

any suggestions?

Thank you and humbly itching like a dang coastsider


Tecnu upon first contact: Web Link

Ice compresses to settle down your skin's auto-immune like response after the oils are gone.

Failing that, a prescription of prednisone may be necessary. If you can find a doctor willing to prescribe it. I find they have you try several other remedies that don't work before begrudgingly prescribing a steroid.

Allegra seems to help with symptoms. Alcohol, taken internally, seems to make it worse.

My experience.


Benadryl lotion can provide some itching relief:

Web Link

I once worked for a guy who dealt with a patch of PO on his property in Novato by burning it. In the course of clearing it, he inhaled the smoke and - long story short - he almost died.

It sounds like you were clearing trails, Bigsea? If so many thanks. Talk about taking one for the team. If the blisters are going away after only three days you're lucky but the next time might be worse.

Web Link ....general info on ways to remove poison oak.

Tecnu- the ony thing that works...

Ten years ago back east I went and whacked my golfball out of a poison ivy thicket- my whole upper body was covered. Tecnu is the only thing/product that works well. You use it repeatedly and it actually removes the urushiol from your skin.

It isn't cheap- I went through about five bottles before I was completely done, but trust me on this one- it works!!

Good luck!!


1st: Thank you for any trail fixin' you performed, very sorry you got the reaction.

Up to now I'm immune but it's like any antigen/allergen, immunity can stop all of a sudden and you can blow up like a balloon or turn into a red-scratching mess... so I keep very studiously not contacting poison oak.

Once you have the reaction, cortisone, and apparently Tecnu (?).

If you even suspect exposure, wash the area (I do the entire body) with laundry detergent in cold water (not warm/hot - spreads the oil). Do not put the clothes you were wearing into the wash with other clothes! Best to toss 'em, but if that's not in the cards try washing separately with detergent and cold water a couple times. Not in my washer, please ;)

OK so drying up, gads man, the itching makes sleeping seem like marlon brando's speech-just confusing man,

what was he saying???

So I'm less inclined to going in unprotected and unprepared this round.

HEY!!! Get out there today folks!!!

There isn't enough work for all of us to wade into the oak so don't worry, I got this,

enjoy our beautiful coast and take heart!!!

There's always worse....

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