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Driverless Teslas? Excellent!

"Tesla Board Member: Uber CEO Wants To Buy Half A Million Autonomous Cars From Us In 2020"

No one to sue if a driverless car runs you over in a crosswalk.

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They can afford to blame you and seize your estate by claiming "micro-aggression."

Heads up!

How nice, the when the computer / GPS fails you won't even hear the Tesla coming before it runs you over.

But anyway, I have to wonder how self serving the remarks of this "early investor" are in hyping the company's future sales.

This is a huge robotics milestone. I'd take an autonomous car over some.

Coasters: Me too. OTOH, read this the other day, that the upcoming Volvo XC90 will have such "advance" ability that it will slam on the breaks if it senses that it will hit a car in front... even if the driver has the pedal to the metal. Not a bad idea since the Volvo won't rearend anybody, AND the car that rear ends the Volvo will be culpable ;)

Holy smokes! I sure misspelt a lot of words in that last post

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