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New CSM Real Estate classes now forming

College of San Mateo is our local not-for-profit public community college and is open to everybody. RIght off Highway 92 from the Coast.

CSM is now taking sign-ups for Real Estate classes for this summer (June) and fall (August). These are real classes, fully accredited for both license and college credits, with real live, highly-qualified professors in your classroom to help you succeed. Learn for your own needs or learn to get a RE license here. Sign up online at www.collegeofsanmateo.edu, call 574-6165 for any needed sign-up help. For course information or questions, easy email to RealEstateCSM@gmail.com now.


Summer Real Estate Principles 100 (recommended first class) will meet Monday and Wednesday evenings for just 8 weeks, its Course Registration Number is 50730 and there are still a couple seats available as of this posting. Discusses 75% of topics for RE license.

Summer Real Estate Practice 110 will meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings CRN 54642. Discusses 25% of license topics and career opportunities.

Fall Real Estate Principles 100 will meet Tuesday Afternoons (daytime class) beginning in mid-August, CRN 82867. Then Tuesday evenings CSM will have Real Estate Finance 131 (where the money comes from and how to get it). Real Estate Appraising 141 Wednesday nights, too, and more to follow, please email RealEstateCSM@gmail.com for info.

Financial aid is available. All are welcome at CSM.


While I appreciate gorilla marketing, this may be a little much. Buy an ad!

Thank you for your comment, I do understand and will endeavor to post a shorter announcement in future. Thanks!

(The HMB/Coastside has been a special topic for quite awhile ... in that there are many requests for these classes ... and we even tried offering Real Estate classes on the Coast (Half Moon Bay) but most of the Coastside people seem to just "scoot up the hill" to the CSM main campus anyway (since it is right off Highway 92).

There is zero profit in this posting, and as a public community college the fees are very low (and there's an active financial aid program, too, anyone interested is invited to email and we'll happily try to assist them).

All the community newspapers allow (actually, encourage) posting or publication of classes open to the general public, including public community college class offerings of interest to many in the community like these, and we've been sharing this info with the public this way for at least 40 years and probably longer.

But I do agree, the concern to really reach out to the HMB/Coastside led to typing more than was strictly necessary, and I will try to do it in a far more succinct fashion next time. (People who are interested can simply email for the class schedules...that alone will chop the notice in half...and we can do better than that, too!)

THANK YOU for your thoughts and rest assured they are understood and we will take them into account. I think you will like it.

Thanks again very much for sharing, message received!!

Have a very happy weekend!

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