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Spoiled Athlete Syndrome

What you will see if you choose to follow the link is an adult acting like a self centered 3 year old. He will explain how nobody should be talking about anything other than what he wants.

The self entitlement on display is amusing. His attitude that HIS are owed something because of what THEY do for US is comical. Here is a text book example of Spoiled Athlete Syndrome::

Web Link


How much money does the Maverick's surfing contest make approximately? Are they like the dream machines making money for the Senior Coastsiders?

I think Collins was correct. The current drama misses the whole point of the event which is to further promote Mavericks as a big wave venue and showcase the incredibly gutsy talent that rides those waves. Old timers grousing about the new management of the event is simply par for the course in HMB.

Coasters, that is the point of the event for them. It is not up to us to make their business model work.

Do you really agree l that Jeff Clark and his posse are the only people whose interests should be taken into account?

If you feel that way, does it bother you that Glenn Lazof stuffed this item onto the agenda even though the original agenda had been published and even though he admitted at the meeting there was no reason for it to be on the agenda?

Here, see for yourself. While watching this remember, Commissioner Brennan did not want it on the agenda, Mavericks did and Lazof changed his mind at the last minute then insisted and or capitulated:

Web Link

So. Whose fault is it that it was on the agenda? Why was it even on the agenda? Why did they vote to approve something that both Lazof and Miller made clear had been approved three years ago and Lazof seems to be saying was a waste of time?

A suggestion to include the time in these videos where the item of interest is.

Dan, I saw Brennan stating that the issue was of high priority to the board and the community (in your first link). If she was forced to promote it on the agenda, it didn't show.

Coasters. Here is how it went down.

On Thursday, the agenda was published. Mavericks was not on that agenda.

Then Lazof was told by the SMCHD hired gun to put it on the agenda because Jeff Clark's hired gun sent a letter.

Lazof and Brennan had a short phone conversation where she asked him to take it off the agenda. Lazof then acted like a male dog. He pissed to mark what was his and refused. Apparently Commissioner Brennan than scared the little guy so badly that he was worried about his health, declared he would not attend any meeting instigated by the board President, and told staff to stay away from her.

That pissing match is what the Happy Hour show was all about at the Oyster Point Yacht Club.

As you can see in the first clip, Lazof explains that Mavericks did not need to be on the agenda and that voting on it was a waste of time.

Then David makes a motion to vote on the permit with the added condition that the conditions of the permit be adhered to.

Now you know what happened but not why. Only Lazof and Miller know why they added an item to an already published agenda that the Board President and elected representative of the people who pay Lazof and Miller asked not be on the agenda.

Uffish. I think we have a problem with browser / os issues and our links. The link have parameters in them the specify start an stop times in seconds. The url works in some browsers on some os platforms. Chrome and iOS not so good.

The first link starts at 3363 seconds and the second one starts at 3852 seconds. You do the math.

Both clips last for about 4 to 6 minutes.


"I saw Brennan stating that the issue was of high priority to the board and the community (in your first link)."

Better watch that clip again. Here are her exact words in the clip:

"I think this is a really important item, very significant for the Coastside."

That doesn't mean it's important to the Coastside. She didn't say it's "high priority" for anyone. It may be high priority to the applicant, but why should anyone else care?

watchdog, I did not put my statement in quotes - it was not a direct quote.

It was obviously a high enough a priority that it emerged as part of the agenda and "significant", according to Brennan.

I look forward to this years competition.

having stirred up the hornets nest again and again cartels big maverick bunch of babies are under the microscope-

better be ready cause the only support maverick entitled babies will receive this year will be tainted hard-


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