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Jeff Clark And Anybody Who Messes With His Wave

From the story written by Bill Siverfarb of the DJ:

But others, such as Mavericks pioneer Jeff Clark, said Brennan had attempted to “obstruct his livelihood” and that she “meddled in his business.”

“I hate being here listening to everyone who drank your Kool-Aid,” Clark said about Brennan’s supporters.

Here is the link: Web Link

According Jeff Clark and his posse, THEY are the issue. Not beach access, not charter boats, not the media, not the public. THEY are the issue and it THEY who are to be consulted with on anything that has to do with THEIR wave.

If I were Mr. Clark, I'd let the twenty something blond who was wearing the really tight yoga pants at last night's meeting do his talking for him. Calling supporters of Sabrina Brennan Kool Aid Drinkers hardly reflects well on him, his entourage, and his desire to score big from the wave he acts like he owns.

Ms. Yoga Pants, as you are a spokesperson for Cartel, an out of town company, maybe you should respond to the following questions:

1) Why was the permit paid for two weeks late?

2) Why was the required insurance for the event not purchased until four weeks after the event window was officially opened?

3) Why was the fee for the event permit credited back to Cartel/Mavericks on February 27th?

4)In past years, the CCC issued a CDP for the one day closure of access to a public beach. Last year the CCC did not issue a CDP for Mavericks. Did Cartel obtain the required CDP in order to deny folks who are not on his list from accessing his beach on his day?

These are simple questions. Nobody will respond to them.

Surfers, are you aware that there was no legal way to hold the contest until the insurance was purchased on January 27th? Are you aware that Cartel/Mavericks had the permit fee credited back to them on February 27th which effectively closed the contest window?


For the record.

Sabrina Brennan has NEVER been sued.

At the May 26, 2015 Meeting several speakers said she has been and more to come.

Mr. Stogner has a point;

just who has a history of continuous legal wrangling over something no one can own as they leave a trail of carnage in their wake?

Brennan is doing what the people that sent her there asked her to do; to watch these half baked surfers and make sure they don't do any more harm than they already have done.

Just got a very very angry communication from a Jeff Clark supporter who made it clear that Cartel/Mavericks is aware of the questions we are asking.

For some reason, they refuse to respond to these simple questions. We are starting to suspect that the reason why they won't respond is that they are afraid the SURFERS will figure out that the contest had a window of Jan 28 to Feb 27, if that. Unless there was a CDP that cannot be found, there never was going to be a contest in the 2014 - 2015 season.

The Surfers, (its all about them), were promised a contest window of Jan 1 to March 31. To be clear, unless there is some explanation as to why the permit was paid for on Jan 14th, the insurance was paid for on Jan 28th, the event fee was refunded on Feb 27th, and the CCC can't locate the CDP that they would HAVE to have obtained prior to denying access to their wave on their special day, they COULD NOT HAVE THE CONTEST.

We have started asking these questions on Surfer Blogs and Forums. We are getting together an email list of all of last season's Titans. Maybe they will have a satisfactory reason why they have faith in an organization that pays for its event permits late, provided the insurance 28 days after the event window had opened, was refunded the event fee a month before the event window closed, and appears not to have obtained a CDP, (according to to Nancy Cave of the CCC), for the event.

We have been waiting for more than a week for the SMCHD to show that they have the CDP. They have to have it on file because the terms of the permit they issued require that copies of all required permits from all the agencies involved HAVE to be supplied to the SMCHD prior to their issuing an event permit.

The owners and promoters of the wave named Mavericks can clear all of this up with a simple explanation. Why won't they?

I'm not at all sure how to weigh in on this.

For years now I have enjoyed a surfing contest off Pillar Point. I am not alone.

We have seen highs (winning on some of nature's best) and lows (death). It is fun and exciting to watch.

The idea that someone capitalizes on the event isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it seems we, the public, have been privy to more than a little infighting over fees, proceeds and more.

The "Mavericks" event can be a wonderful thing. Seems money is changing that. This, “I hate being here listening to everyone who drank your Kool-Aid,” Clark said about Brennan’s supporters. - is very troubling to me. How Mr Clark can make a statement like that is beyond me and may be a sign.

It may well be a sign to stop all support for the monetization of the event and just leave it to those that really want to compete, against each other and nature, for the thrill of it - you know, like we all did as kids.

This event has turned into a real chore judging from all the news over it over the last few years or so. It never used to be that way.

The waves will come and go, whether anyone surfs them or not. Maybe it's time to demonetize the event and just let it be what it used to be; a bunch of surfers that surf the big waves for the thrill of it?

There is one simple way to make that happen George.

Deny the CDP for closing down access to the beach. That will kill the event pronto.

If people have access to their beach on Jeff Clark's special day, Cartel/Mavericks will have to spend big bucks managing them because of the stupidity of a previous master of the universe who partnered with Jeff Clark:

Web Link

There is one and only one way for GG to get the big bucks. He has to sell the images to a mass media outlet and preserve exclusivity to them. If anybody can film it and upload the contest to Youtube, no big bucks. Period.

Now you know why Jeff Clark and Griffin Guess will not tolerate any discussion of their permits. If they can't get a CDP, the Harbor District won't let the even happen because of what happened in 2010.

If for some stupid reason the SMCHD were to trust Cartel/Mavericks enough to lift the restriction, there would not be much money in it for people like Griffin Guess and the self entitled surfers.

"There is one and only one way for GG to get the big bucks. He has to sell the images to a mass media outlet and preserve exclusivity to them. If anybody can film it and upload the contest to Youtube, no big bucks. Period."

Dan, you're on to something. You guys have a drone. 'nuff said.

Watchdog, you will not believe this. Cartel says that they will decide if I can use our drone, (we have a way better one in the works than the Q500 we are currently playing with), depending on what the Navy and the Air Force have to say. Or something like that.

This from Cartel Management regarding our request to be allowed access to their event:

Mr. Ullom;

We have been forwarded the email you sent on May 15, 2015 to counsel, John Tiedt. Inasmuch as the types of requests described in the email are more properly addressed to the Titans of Mavericks team found here., Please allow this email to respond on our behalf.

First of all, you are correct that there is a process for securing media credentials and access to the Titans of Mavericks Event. We have noted your repetitive requests and through our application process we will review and vet the same through analyst as others applying for media access by our organization and other various Federal and State agencies. Whose safety and environmental regulations we are obligated to comply with. These agencies do (and will) require that the Titans of Mavericks team inform you of those areas that are "open" and which are "restricted" under their specific regulations. We specifically note your reference to a "333 Exemption Application," and assuming such application is approved or granted, that will certainly be considered, however it wouldn't allow you automatic access to our working waterway. While you might be able to get a general "drone exemption" under your "333 Exemption Application," such may or may not automatically qualify you to operate in the area during the Titans of Mavericks event due to additional safety, environmental and other regulations imposed on us by those agencies. As such, we reserve the right to accept or deny your request after a thorough review of the application and the proper vetting of the application through the appropriate internal departments and governing agencies.

Given that the event window opens as of November 1, 2015, our plan is to provide media applications starting July 1, 2015 on titansofmavericks.com, and if you wish we will provide you with such an application at that time.

We thank you for your interest in the Event, and look forward to your submission.

Very Best,

Titans of Mavericks

When we get the 333 exemption,(probably early August) all we have to do is follow the relevant FAR's. In this case, we will have to stay below 200 ft AGL, 500 ft away from persons and property and we will be obligated to issue a NOTAM which is no big deal. All flight operations will have to be conducted under VFR conditions and in the sight of the pilot. The pilot is required to hold at least an FAA issued Private Pilots License and the aid of an observer.

The drone we are ogling can be programed to fly to specific GPS coordinates and altitude. It can be programed to aim a specific direction. It can be programed with a virtual fence that it won't cross. When you push the home button, like most drones available, it comes home and lands it self.

GG really has no clue about the rules that apply. The ONLY people who can regulate the sky in that area is the FAA. We do not need access to Cartel's waterway.

We are playing GG's game. If they are serious, there simply will be no legitimate objections. GG can no more stop us from access airspace than he can to stop helicopters.

We will need access to the bluff and the wind will need to be less than 20 knots. If we get access to the bluff, we can rent the kind of gear that will make a camera on the bluff a useful tool.

And here is the killer Watchdog. If we get access to the bluffs, we can buy a half dozen batteries for our encoder and yep, pretty much live stream the event. The drone video has to be retrieved when the drone comes back, (15 to 20 minutes useful flight time with 10 minutes of reserve), and then we can stream that. The plan would be to Show the live action with a tripod mounted gyro stabilized camera. When we retrieve the drone video, we'll show the replays during lulls in the action.

Will GG approve? Should we care? Should anybody care who and what GG approves of?

No, you shouldn't care. Do whatever the law allows you to do.

Are we witness to the birth of another Steven Spielberg, George Lucas or Spike Lee?

Will you remember us when ...?

Your efforts are limited by your imagination only, and I'll venture out on that skinny, high, short narrow dead limb and say you two have great capabilities in that area.

I admire that.

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