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Life Is Good! Its All Good!!

Web Link


You need to check that link.

Oops. Try this:

Web Link

Don't Worry. Be Happy.

That is what I call fun video. Thanks Dan

even better:

Web Link

From the article John cited

"According to the Castro Valley News, the statue was probably stolen by someone who hopes to sell it as scrap metal."

Copper sells for about $2.00 per pound. That is one big job for only $200.00. My bet is that you will find the pilfered Jesus in a college dorm room.

Great story----Don't Worry. Be Happy

This is just as good a thread as any to share this video. Egyptians mocking our president over what he perceives is our greatest threat:

Web Link

But don't worry. Be happy!

"Udate: Dang, it is a spoof" That is the opening statement of the video posted by Francis.

Thanks for the spoof video, Francis. It does fit with the spoof Video Ullom posted. Political humor is fun. You didn't think this was serious, did you?y

Brilliant pull Frank and in the right spirt. The spoof video is great. If we had seen that, we would have used that story in place of the one where Iran declares that Edward Snownden has proven that tall White Space Aliens control America.

Proof that Tall White Space Aliens, (as a opposed to Illegal Aliens), control America: -- Web Link

An interesting side not about what is true vs what people believe. My brother wasted a few hours trying to find a video of Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe on the table at the UN.

No such video exists. When JCU finally gave up looking for the video, he went in search of the photo that almost all American who were alive in the 60's has seen. There is no photo. There is a well known fake but there is no photo.

This drive my brother nuts. He knew for a fact that scary old Nikita banged his shoe. Not only that, he knew that Nikita had said he was going to bury me, you, JCU, and everybody else.

It never happened. The KGB General in attendance recalls one version, the Soviet Foreign minister another, Western Journalists saw one thing, Eastern Journalists another. Nikita's daughter tells a different story. The banging is reported to have occurred on different dates and for different reasons.

It never happened. Yet many many people knew it did and many of them still do!

Web Link

Never mind:

Web Link

I would have bet any amount of money that it happened. I "know" that I have seen videos of it happening. Those videos are no where on the Internet.

Have we been brainwashed?

^^^ No such video exists. ^^^

Look harder: Web Link

Francis, I looked at the site you referenced and it was a series of photos Of Niki K. There is not a single shoe banging photo. So, outside of there is no video and no shoe banging, I guess you found it.

It's not a site per se, it's a Google search result. The top banner on the left has a category called "Shoe."

And no, I haven't done a complete forensic analysis to determine if the vidoe is real.

Francis, what I tried to communicate was that I checked out every site listed and found no video and only one photograph (which was obviously photo shopped) of the "shoe incident".

Please give us the web site that shows the event.

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