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The King Of Blues

I've seen B.B. King in concert more times than I can count. His music stirred me as far back as I can remember. When he took the stage with 'Lucille', whether on an actual stage or in studio, everyone watched in amazement. He was that good.

B.B. is gone now. He died at 88 years old on May 14th. He is already missed, but his work, his persona, his contributions will live forever. Starting from extremely humble beginnings, he integrated blues from a narrow culture to a worldwide stage, helping many others around the world and along the way to giving blues the respect it deserves. The list of names he helped, brought up, worked within made famous is extraordinary and way too many to try to encompass in a silly thread; and to all of them, he was and always will be "the King of the Blues".

We'll miss you BB, but we are so fortunate to have had you for so long. Thank you B.B.

"B.B. King Homecoming festival honors memory of blues legend", Web Link


As if B.B.'s passing isn't enough, we get this: "Homicide probe to be launched into B.B. King's death: officials", Web Link

Hard to believe.

One just never knows what goes on behind close doors (both literally and figuratively).

This is a very sad ending for a Blues Great and beloved man who spent his entire life doing what he wanted to do and being revered and respected by all his peers.

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