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High School Principal leaving after one year

A couple of weeks ago parents were informed that the cabrillo school district superintendent (since 2012) was leaving; this week it was announced that the high school principal was leaving after one year in office. An ad for the post was put up on May 14, and according to the time schedule the governing board will appoint the new principal on June 18. The ad says Salary: $124,474-140,178 plus $2,464 Master stipend (includes medical, dental, vision and life insurance). This is supposedly not very competitive for the Region we are in. Also, the district only spends $ 7 500 per student here, while wealthy communities around the Bay have double the money, making the job easier and more stimulating for teachers and administrators.

We came to the school district last year and my daughter, as a sophomore, had 5 out of 7 teachers who were new to the district. At a high school parent/ administration meeting yesterday one parent said his junior at the high school has seen 3 principals come and go. 5-7 high school teachers are leaving after this school year.

Several parents wanted to know why teachers and administrators are leaving, since 'family reasons', house prices v. commute, and salaries are not 'unknowns' when people come here.

I am worried since it feels that all this coming and going can't be good for the students.


It's not about money. Measure S gave $81,000,000. to the schools about two years ago. They probably should hire from within since outside the community consultants and the wave of new school administrators haven't the loyalty and long standing commitment to local schools as they once had. Also, it's not about the money since our well paid school administrators can live anywhere along the Coastside. There are still good buys and rentals between Daly City and Santa Cruz.I recommend hiring from within. And, the school board can take this opportunity to self critique. Many of our students are going to private schools in Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco counties. The weight of this problem lies on the shoulders of the school board members. I would like to know why we are losing student population to other schools.

Last year, one of my kids was shown the following movie in US History at HMB HS:

Web Link

An animation about a mouse who migrates from Russia to the US. A cartoon.

The bar is not very high out here.

"It's not about money. Measure S gave $81,000,000. to the schools about two years ago."

Bad information. Measure S is for facilities ONLY. No funds for administration.

Brian, I have heard that. But in school finance when facilities are handled with sequestered funds, like Measure S, the general fund and reserves sustain themselves and grow. I have been a school principal and know quite a bit about school finance. Granted, I have been retired for several years but those budget items for salaries should be healthy and growing at this time.

When I first heard rumblings that the HMBHS principal was leaving, my first thought was "not again!" This has got to be indicative of a greater problem within the district. It can't just be a coincidence that so many recent administrators have only stayed for a year or two.

I agree that it would be wise to hire from within. Many teachers have been with our schools for decades; they live here and they have something invested in our community.

This instability is very concerning.

I have four suggestions for improving retention: hire from within, increase pay, improve benefits, and bolster trust between district office administration, site admininstration, and teachers.

The top of the pay scale for teachers with the maximum longevity and education at:

Cabrillo Unified School District this year is about: 81K

Sequoia Union High School District this year is about: 103K

San Mateo Union High School District for next year is ~: 108K

Principals start at San Mateo UHSD at 143k (that's around the top at Cabrillo). So, at some districts over the hill, a teacher or adminstrator can expect to earn around 20 thousand dollars or more per year.


San Mateo Union High School District for THIS year is about: 108K

For next year, teachers there will be making about 112K.

San Mateo Union High School District like most "over the hill" districts are basic aid districts. They get a larger percentage from property taxes and are able to pay staff more than Coastside districts.

@Seal - You are incredibly naive is you think that money has nothing to do with it. My wife is a teacher with a school district over the hill, and we both think that she would be crazy to take a pay cut to work locally.

Until Cabrillo starts paying principals, teachers, etc. a comparable wage that they can get for a 30 minute commute over the hill, Cabrillo will continue to have a high turnover rate. Period.

I have no argument with you. I taught at Paly. The larger money comes from basic aid property tax computations.

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