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Cartel Management Now Wants A Five Year Exclusive On The Wave

You've got to give Marisa Miller's husband some credit for having some chutzpah. GG has managed to get his agenda on the agenda of the next Harbor District meeting. The Mavericks team has done such a swell job, in their opinion, they figure what the heck, go for it.

They are being sued, rightfully so, by the their former knight in shining armor, Body Glove. They paid for the permit fee two weeks late. They provided the liability insurance four weeks late. Mysteriously, Harbor District Staff credited back their 11,600.00 permit fee, on February 27th, a month before the window closed, without the credit being known about by the Board of Directors. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are being wasted paying lawyers to untangle the mess.

That doesn't phase MM's hubby. GG now wants a five year exclusive on the wave Jeff Clark sold him.

Sure. Why not?


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