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Rock the Highway Event Saturday, May 17 in Pacifica

Passing along information on an event this Saturday.

Web Link ..... Rock the Highway -- Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives

Web Link ..... Rock the Highway Event Saturday, May 17 2-6 PM in Pacifica

Web Link ..... "Lawsuit Targets Pacifica Highway Project Threatening Wetlands, Rare Species, Views"

"SAN FRANCISCO— Resident and conservation groups filed a lawsuit in federal court today [May 8 2015] against the California Department of Transportation and other agencies challenging the approval of the Calera Parkway Project, a proposed highway widening in Pacifica, Calif. The Caltrans project would more than double the width of the existing state Highway 1 for a 1.3-mile portion of the roadway in Pacifica, at a projected cost of more than $50 million, while hurting wetlands, endangered species and their habitats, coastal views and archaeological sites. The plaintiffs are Pacificans for a Scenic Coast, Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives and the Center for Biological Diversity."


I didn't see mention of a CDP, which would be required. It would have been issued by the CIty of Pacifica. It doesn't appear as though it has been appealed to the Coastal Commission, which would be the next step, not a lawsuit.

It's also worth noting that the Coastal Act allows Highway 1 to be widened within city limits.

This won't be an easy project to challenge.

Hopefully they'll have some good legal guidance. I'm not familiar with the group, just sympathetic.

Yeah -- it's too bad the City of Pacifica has thus far refused to have public forums about the proposed boondoggle, although 65-70% of the public voted for candidates that support professional review of alternatives.

So - I say, ROCK the HIGHway!

Web Link

It should be a beautiful afternoon on California's Scenic Coast at Shelldance Orchid Gardens on the Hill in Pacifica.

IMHO, widen Hwy 1 to three lanes each direction from San Francisco to San Diego!

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