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Griffin Guess And Jeff Clark Tell Rocky Raynor To Stifle It

Just when you think the people who think they own the Mavericks wave can't possibly make themselves look even more obnoxious, they do. Here is an email that Guess and Clark sent to a whole bunch of people. If they wanted to get it out, they should have just sent it to us:

Web Link

In other words, they will not have anybody saying disparaging things about them.

Meanwhile, a battle is brewing at the Harbor District over who gets the next permit. Jeff Clark and his cronies or a rival Surfing League.

As Cartel failed to provide Liability Insurance for the event until 27 days after the opening of the contest window, it seems they are either under capitalized or inept. It is simply unacceptable for the Harbor District to be put at risk by Cartel/Mavericks failure to adhere to the most basic of requirements.

The permit issued by the SMCHD is a disaster. It is full of contradictions and like the late insurance, Cartel didn't sign it until weeks after the opening of the contest window.

Clark and his cronies have once again screwed up. Clark likes to say that Mavericks will take care of itself. Not sure what that means as Mavericks is nothing more than a fickle wave but if it could have been killed. Clark and his cronies would have done so by now.

And they still might just decide to kill it next year for strategic reasons. Body Glove has sued Clark, Guess, and the rest of the usual suspects for breach of contract. There is little doubt that the contract has been breached but the guns Clark and Guess have hired claim that since there has been no contest, Body Glove can't sue because they haven't been harmed.

This means that as soon as the contest is held Body Glove will have been harmed, according to Guess's and Clark's attorneys. If and when they hold the contest, their legal strategy against Body Glove becomes useless.

Turn the event over to professionals. Size it for the Coastside. Griffen Guess does not own the wave. He bought the right to control the bluffs and beach from Mavericks. There is nothing in the agreement between Mavericks and the SMCHD that allows the transfer of the permit. Cartel has been proven not to be trustworthy when it comes to honoring the terms of the agreement.


Looks like Raynor signed a non-disparagement as part of whatever contract he signed. Now he's being warned that he's breaking it. That's standard operating procedure in any business that lives and dies by publicity.

I watched Jeff Clark struggle for years to parlay his hard work, brand and the wave into a business. I wish him noting but the best of luck and success;He deserves it.

Mavericks has out-grown Half Moon Bay. It's a world class event, it has the potential to make huge money and, therefore, it's in the hands of a large promoter. It was bound to happen.

To the hangers-on who didn't make the cut from small-town to big league I say, "oh well". If you'd been paddling a surf board a mile out into that wave, by yourself at 16 years old, you'd be driving the bus now. But you didn't and you ain't.

"...it's in the hands of a large promoter...."

No. It is not. It is in the hands of a self promoter. If you check out the list of people and organizations Cartel and GG claim to have worked with, the only sort of verifiable one is that GG worked as a producer of some sorts with Kim Kardashians husband.

If you then google the claim but use Marisa Miller instead of Griffin Guess, you will get hits on all of them.

GG is MM's manager. When MM slithers all over a V-Rod, GG says he worked for Harley Davidson. When MM lands a gig as a sideline babe for the NFL, GG claims he worked for the NFL. When MM tosses out the first pitch to Buster Posey, GG claims he reps Buster. When MM poses in her panties , MM claims he has done work for Victorias Secret.

Just like the last time Jeff Clark got religion and sold out to a promoter, Web Link, Cartel as found themselves a rube.

Coasters. Why do you suppose a well funded class organization with the credentials GG claims to have earned, was unable to provide proof of insurance until Jan 28th, 2015? Providing an insurance certificate the named the Harbor District as co-insured was required and had to be done prior to Jan 1st, 2015. The certificate that was provided on the 28th shows that the insurance was not paid for until the 27th.

Have you seen the agreement that Mavericks signed with Body Glove? I have and it is clear that Mavericks has violated the agreement both in spirit and content. If I were GG,

I'd be damn worried about how much the agreement Mavericks made with him is really worth. I once knew a beautiful woman who had an affair with a married man with a family. It took a few years but she broke up the marriage and then married the guy. She never trusted him. How could she? She knew what kind of a man she was married to!

Jeff Clark and his entourage have turned a cool and beautiful thing into a joke and embarrassment. It has come to the point where SURFERS are hiring the cops to keep people from using the beach or bluffs on their special day. GG wants to control all images and descriptions of the event. Charter boats will have their views blocked by barges. They've cancelled the festival,

If that doesn't convince you that Cartel is noting but a wanna be boutique promoter, check out their website:

Web Link

Try contacting the contact. The last time we tried, they responded as follows:

We're not working with Mavericks but will pass along to their rep. Sorry I can't help you with questions below.

Notice Josh Baze is the other property of Cartel Management. Now go to Josh's website:

Web Link

Notice that it is way outdated. Yet Josh Baze is hyping Mavericks on his Facebook Page:

Web Link

If you care to check, you will see that GG claims to have worked for the Grammys. Sounds impressive. Not so much it seems. Josh Baze did a thing for a cultural event at the Grammy Museum. A nice coup for Mr. Baze I am sure but GG never worked for the Grammys.

It goes on an on. Clark is surely a great surfer and one heck of self promoter in his own right but GG, like the previous version of GG that Clark was infatuated with, is out of his league. GG knows how to get gigs for his wife and her natural assets. He seems to have done a great job maximizing the profit potential of his wife's bosom, derrière, and MM's lack of inhibition when it comes to soft porn:

Web Link

We shall see. The deal's done. All that's left is the gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands.

I just hope nature cooperates next year.

Nope. The deal is not done. Two groups are competing for the permit. The contract Maverick sold to Cartel clearly states that the Harbor District can amend the terms of the deal at anytime. They can also withdraw the deal at anytime if Mavericks/Cartel violate the terms of the agreement. As there was no provision for transferring the permit to another entity, there is no permit.

Because they either had no money or were inept, they violated the terms when they failed to provide the proper insurance for the event prior to the opening of the contest window.

Here is a link to the video where the District votes to give MAVERICKS, not CARTEL, but MAVERICKS a conditional permit. Notice how badly Grenell, Saveree, and Tucker muddle things:

Web Link

"I just hope nature cooperates next year."

Nature did cooperate. It sent awesome swells on December 20th, 2014. Because of Clark's infatuation with GG, GG was allowed to change the contest opening to January 1st, 2015.

Web Link

Web Link

They screwed the pooch because they hooked up with a supposedly big time promoter who needed time to get new sponsorship due to the of screwing Body Glove.

It would be great if they got GoPro.

Jeff Clark blew it with GoPro around the same time he screwed up the deal with Body Glove.

Web Link

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