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When will the people who play the game have to pay?

Erosion in HMB city limits/ How about fire control?

Do we have a commitment from the State of California/ State Park as it relates to Bluff erosion for our beaches in HMB and Fire control?

I suspect this isn't the same as the SMC County's influence.

Has the HMB city council worked with the State of CA to address this erosion problem on our coast?

The once beautiful pink bluffs are in the sand now destroyed. Erosion also destroys the habitat for native species.

Soon Francis beach will be online and tourists will be enjoying these amenities.

Now that we have electrical A/C comfort for the millionaires in their big million dollar++ campers, and they can make real fires too.. W of HWY 1, I hope the State can fix the erosion on the bluffs with the $.

They (State Parks) have polluted our air without our permission. Did the city address this fire issue? Does the city hall look the other way when the State does it, but a fine is seen warranted when a homeowner does it. It is hypocrisy.

Has anyone even thought maybe to ask the millionaires with their big rigs to stop polluting the air....or do they deserve to do this too in our back yard.

It is similar to getting golfers to pay for the increase in H2O costs in a drought.

When will the people who play the game have to pay the full price.

I hope some money made for the State can go to our Coast.

Francis is really the biggest draw in HMB above anything. They make over 5K in a day in all CASH on a typical Saturday. There is nobody that makes money like this in HMB except a crack dealer.

Nobody at city hall will tell you this. Nobody at the commerce club will tell you this. Why not.....?

Maybe these people are the wrong people to have in office. Their heads deny what the see.

The state can't even collect the CASH fast enough. Recent robberies attest to the downfall of the State Park and its sad situation in HMB.

Venice beach is second and becoming even more popular than Francis since its closing.

Our children can be found partying on Venice after 8PM if you think they are lost. There is little/to no supervision NOW!. The State park is having a lot of issues too. They can't monitor and control State/HMB property either. Who do we call?

We really should be having a chat with the State and County about the environmental degradation due to their lack of participation.

It isn't about $. They make alot of $ at Francis/Venice beach.

So then what is it about? Is it corruption? I can only speculate.

They (state employees) do know how to sell firewood at Francis and in my mind politically skirt the fire laws. I can only speculate why campers with electrical heaters need fires ....now.

Oh, let me guess for the same reason a hotel needs a golf course and extra water in a drought.

Last year, if you camp at the Francis State Park you could burn wood...This should be stopped in '15 since electrical was installed.

I just wish someone would take the time to follow the money and realize not all money made and laws ignored is good for anyone except.... the few.

Typically, the few means a "non-profit" that will more than likely steal all gained profits (making non-insured underpaid employees sell wood to campers for CASH) for their management's excesses. ...a Fire marshall's chance at a re-election.

Why...they are busy looking for the next SCAM and naive SCAMMERS...like Huck Finn all over again.....from town to town hucksters.....

Not ever fixing the State park's erosion problem or fire issues.

Just making CASHOLA at US citizen's expense and on their backs.

Sure alot of mule/workers will move the wood (CASH) back and forth and cash will be moved around from tourists to the non-profits (State}. It is corrupt. They will probably stop the practice for '15. Let's all hope so. They probably bring in 5K in entrance fees a weekend day, but how much cash do they make if it is also cold at night. If they have over 100 park places times 10$ a bundle of wood. We get GOLD. Isn't it. Well not "We get GOLD", but someone did get GOLD. It is nepotism. It won't be the little people who stole the money either or who get to make fires.

It will be some arrogant rich ass$%^le who thinks his kids deserve to see one (the fire) while he is camping here overnight.

Anyone on the city council want to track this down? Why fires for the State parks is allowed but not little people in the safety of their own backyard. Does corruption ring a bell?

Don't tell me there is no corruption and we all know fires make you warm. So "its all GOOD"....notta.......

I believe these so called "non-profits" need to be pointed out. That are in co-hoots with the State Park....nepotism....etc..

They always are so proud to have employed someone Part-timer to do their dirty work at minimal wage and move wood around with no medical insurance to make CASH for some greedy non-profit's management.

Do we have anyone scrutinizing these non-profits in HMB and their nepotism in local politics and local fire marshal elections and State park positions?

The recent work by the State at Venice is also encouraging with the recent planting near the entrance. I like the State Parks. I haven't met a State park employee I didn't like.

I just think the money they earn could go to help us out. It isn't going to the little people. I assure you.

What are your thoughts? Doesn't something stink to you? It is a fire especially created for rich tourists that can now pay the entry fee.

Interesting what we (HMB city hall) will do for RICH golfers and campers isn't it.

BTW: the non-profits have already changed their names and have moved on with the stolen or lost CASH. It took me this long to write this up....so for sure you won't find them now!

But you get the picture. No I am not prophetic. I just see this paradox as we all do.

Does HMB city hall/city council have any power? or maybe non-profits rule the ROOST......

If someone is willing to show me that the Wood cash is going all to another non-profit and it is a good cause. Please correct me.

I don't know the facts but something smells of wood burning.

If you know the most profitable business in town and it strangely is in the business of selling wood on a Coastal bluff.

I would ask who is in charge?

The photo shows an attempt to stop the erosion.

Just my 2 cents.


2 cents?

more like $3.50

"Has the HMB city council worked with the State of CA to address this erosion problem on our coast?"

No. Half Moon Bay won't even fix the erosion problems it causes. See the Kehoe ditch and Seymour Chasm: Web Link

"Does HMB city hall/city council have any power? or maybe non-profits rule the ROOST......"

Around here, the CC, the HMBCC, the COC, and the rest of 'em are pretty much interchangeable as they are all compromised of good old boys and gals.

"Do we have anyone scrutinizing these non-profits in HMB and their nepotism in local politics and local fire marshal elections and State park positions?"

Does anybody?

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